Octopus issues '10 second' warning to customers who 'have a smartphone'

Octopus has rolled out a "game changing" change for customers who have a smartphone. Octopus Home Mini is the energy giant's homegrown IHD alternative as the firm pioneers tech that unlocks the power of smartphones for energy.

The new device, which can be installed for free offers a convenient way of checking energy usage in real-time. The nifty pink devices adored by customers, with 100k+ fitted free in 18 months, Octopus has said.

It is now offered as a free add-on to any Octopus smart meter installation. Unlike conventional IHDs, the Octopus Home Mini connects with a smartphone, helping customers better manage their bills at the tap of a button in the Octopus app.

Securely connecting to a customer’s smart meter and taking data every 10 seconds, the Home Mini lets users view how much electricity their home imports and exports in real-time. For Octopus smart tariff users, that translates into seeing real-time cost-of-use data.

Customers have already saved over £100 million through smart tariffs and initiatives like ‘Saving Sessions’, which reward customers for moving their consumption out of peak demand. The Home Mini makes managing energy consumption even easier for customers – and more exciting features are about to be introduced.

Octopus Energy is the only energy provider to develop an alternative solution to industry-standard displays. The global energy and tech giant is now accelerating the rollout of Home Minis across the UK, ramping up production by two thirds to make 20,000 units a month from July.

Derya Robinson, Lead Engineer at Octopus Energy, said: “The Home Mini is a game-changing first – home-grown British tech designed and developed in-house by a world-class hardware team that gives customers more control over their energy usage.

“Demand for it is off the charts – tens of thousands are already embracing its user-friendly design. We’re now turbocharging the rollout so everyone who wants one can get one, hassle-free.”