Olly Alexander's Eurovision public vote rankings 'leaked' in full after UK zero points blow

Olly Alexander from UK enters the stage during the opening ceremony of The Eurovision Song Contest
Olly Alexander from UK enters the stage during the opening ceremony of The Eurovision Song Contest -Credit:Getty Images

The rankings each country placed Olly Alexander in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 have been 'leaked' in full, after the United Kingdom's act faced the crushing blow of being the only artist on Saturday to get zero in the public vote.

Already a well established star in the world of music, thanks to his many hits with Years & Years, Olly went into this year's Eurovision final in the top 10 in the odds on who was going to win; having suffered a setback during his preview performance in Tuesday's first semi final, when his mic pack fell off midway through his routine for track Dizzy.

Thankfully, after bouncing back in style to earn rave reviews in Friday's jury final, there were no such issues for Olly and his dancers as they performed in 13th spot in Saturday's grand finale and, while getting a high of 8 in the jury vote and ended up on the left hand side of the leaderboard on 46, things went badly wrong for the UK when the results of the Eurovision final televote were revealed.

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After boos from the crowd inside the Malmo Arena were unexpectedly low scores for the likes of Austria and Norway, Olly awaited his fate, only to then found out he'd got zero from viewers at home, condemning him to an 18th place Eurovision finish overall.

As in years gone by, a full voting breakdown was released by organsers the EBU after the final, with the televote rankings for Olly from each country becoming available online. Each nation's votes ranked the finalists from 1 to 25 and the stats don't make for good reading for the UK, with his highest being just 14th and him being last with a number of countries.

UK Olly Alexander's public vote rankings from each country:

Albania - 25th

Armenia -23rd

Australia - 17th

Austria - 23rd

Azerbaijan - 19th

Belgium - 23rd

Croatia - 24th

Cyprus - 20th

Czechia - 19th

Denmark -21st

Estonia - 18th

Finland - 17th

France - 23rd

Georgia - 22nd

Germany -23rd

Greece - 23rd

Iceland - 18th

Ireland - 14th

Israel - 24th

Italy - 23rd

Latvia - 20th

Lithuania - 16th

Luxembourg - 21st

Malta - 17th

Moldova - 23rd

Netherlands - 23rd

Norway - 21st

Poland - 19th

Portugal - 17th

San Marino - 21st

Serbia - 24th

Slovenia - 22nd

Spain - 16th

Sweden - 20th

Switzerland - 22nd

Ukraine - 14th