'One last push': How the national media reacted to England's new lockdown

Boris Johnson’s announcement that England is to enter a third national coronavirus lockdown was all over the front pages of Tuesday’s newspapers.

Announcing England’s new lockdown on Monday evening, prime minister Boris Johnson warned the coming weeks could be the “hardest yet” of the pandemic.

According to the government, people must remain inside except for essential medical need, shopping for food, exercising once a day or working if it cannot be done from home.

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The Sun’s front page had the headline, “One last push”, and reported that 13 million people will receive a COVID-19 vaccine by the middle of February.

The Daily Telegraph concentrated on Johnson's pledge that the “end is in sight” and that the NHS will offer vaccines to everyone in key groups, such as care home residents and staff, frontline health workers and those aged 70 and over, by the middle of next month.

The Guardian said the prime minister has warned the worst is yet to come, while the Daily Mirror accused the government of “bungling, indecision and weakness”.

The Daily Mail says it’s “back to square one”, ten months on from the first national lockdown last March, calling the new measures the “most draconian” since last spring.

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