OPINION - Tech & Science Daily: North Korea military tackle ‘explosive’ covid outbreak

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits a pharmacy in Pyongyang (AP)
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits a pharmacy in Pyongyang (AP)

North Korea has drafted in its military to help deal with an outbreak of coronavirus.

Experts are warning it could devastate the country - which has no vaccine programme and limited medical supplies.

Military teams have been tasked with stabilising the supply of medicines in Pyongyang City.

A professor of environmental science says he thinks more ambitious targets will be set in the future, for conserving seas and oceans around the world.

Professor James Scourse from Exeter University told Tech & Science Daily by looking at sediments from the ocean floor, they can date changes in the ecosystem - and the information they collect could prompt more ambitious conservation targets for the marine environment.

Scientists say the eruption of a volcano in Tonga in January has been confirmed as the biggest atmospheric explosion ever recorded by modern instruments.

The volcano erupted at the start of the year, and sent atmospheric shock waves, sonic booms, and tsunami waves around the world.

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