OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: How to see once-in-a-lifetime green comet

Comet C/2022 E3 (Dan Bartlett/Nasa)
Comet C/2022 E3 (Dan Bartlett/Nasa)

A green comet is making its closest approach to Earth for the first time in about 50,000 years.

Tech & Science Daily podcast speaks with Dr Robert Massey, deputy executive director of the Royal Astronomical Society, who explains the best way to spot the celestial wonder.

The huge orbit of the comet, called C/2022 E3 (ZTF), comes closest to Earth - about 26 million miles - on 1st February but it will stay reasonably bright for up to a fortnight - and some skywatchers report seeing the spectacle with the naked eye, but you’ll get the best view with binoculars.

Artificial intelligence software could be the secret to searching for alien life forms. American’s Seti Institute - that’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - is programming machine-learning algorithms to filter out earthly interference and spot signals human analysts could miss.

The world’s first - and only - vagina museum is calling on more support for educational services and resources on female anatomy. Zoe Williams from the Vagina Museum explains how crucial its services are as they are forced to close their site in Bethnal Green and look for another site.

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