Oscar dates Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino bring #MeToo message to the Academy Awards

There was arguably no bigger 2017 film story than #MeToo, and it was thus naturally the talk of the Academy Awards red carpet, even though Ryan Seacrest — who anchored E!’s pre-show coverage and is currently facing sexual misconduct allegations — avoided all mention of it and, consequently, landed fewer A-list interviews than usual. Eager to talk about the women’s movement, however, were Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino, two great actresses (and, in the latter’s case, an Oscar winner) who have spoken out about the treatment of females in the industry — and, in particular, against Harvey Weinstein and his conduct toward them and others.

Speaking to our own Kevin Polowy on the red carpet (see video above), Judd made it clear that watching #MeToo take off has been “astonishing. It’s been joyful. I think it’s in many ways been painful, because people coming forward with their stories in and of itself can be re-traumatizing. … [#MeToo] is actionable, and that’s why it’s sustainable.”

Sorvino agreed, saying that sexual misconduct has been endemic throughout history, and that she was excited to be part of a movement finally striving to change the status quo. Her hope, she explained, was that “We don’t just warn our children you have to be able to navigate this thing. Instead, you’re going to be teaching them this is what you should expect from yourself, this is what’s not OK. … We’re building infrastructure to change rape culture, to change sexual harassment culture.

“There’s so many wonderful things happening right now,” Sorvino continued. “I’m just proud to be alive.”

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