Oti Mabuse reveals she considered breast reduction surgery

Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse has said she considered having reduction surgery because of the impact of her 28GG breasts.

Mabuse, who has previously talked about how she was upset by her figure when she joined the show when comparing herself to the other dancers, said that she ultimately decided against going under the knife because she “doesn’t like pain” and did not want to take six weeks off work to recover.

The professional dancer told Fabulous magazine: “I did look completely different in terms of my chest, my stomach, my bum and my hips.

“I did once think about a reduction because big boobs or even wearing the wrong bra would cause me back ache, neck strains and lower back problems.”

While she chose not to have the surgery herself, Mabuse said that she supports those who do decide to change their appearance.

“If you do it and it makes you feel good, there’s nothing wrong,” she said.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of women who have had breast augmentations and it makes them genuinely feel good. We all should have that right and be entitled to do things that make us feel good.”

Mabuse, 29, last year admitted that she was in tears at her first fitting for Strictly, because she felt “massive” compared with everybody else.

Ahead of an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine to host a segment about body confidence, Mabuse said: “Strictly opened a lot of doors to me. I remember fitting my first bra and I was crying.

“I was like ‘This looks so bad and I look so massive compared to the other girls’.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2019
Oti Mabuse and Kelvin Fletcher won Strictly 2019 (Guy Levy/BBC)

However, she added: “Nobody picked on me for it and no-one discriminated against me for it and nobody said anything in a negative way and I think that helped me and my self-esteem and my nerves about being out in a bra with sequins on.”

Mabuse, who also stars in BBC One’s The Greatest Dancer, told the magazine how she dealt with speculation over her relationship with her most recent Strictly partner Kelvin Fletcher.

She said: “There’s nothing there. We’re acting and we’re doing it through dance and if people want to assume what they want to assume, then that’s on them.

“The way we think of it as dancers is that it’s technically two bodies that are trying to move as one. That’s how I work and that’s how I choreograph, and my celebs understand it. This is the job. We want to win!”

Mabuse and Fletcher won Strictly in December, lifting the Glitterball Trophy after fending off competition from EastEnders actress Emma Barton and children’s TV presenter Karim Zeroual.

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