'Our House' viewers slam 'waste of time' ending to Martin Compston drama

'Our House' starred Martin Compston. (ITV)
'Our House' starred Martin Compston. (Red Planet Productions/ITV)

Our House aired its final episode on ITV last night with a big twist for Martin Compston's character - but viewers complained that it was disappointing and confusing.

The thriller, based on Louise Candlish's bestselling novel, aired across four nights this week, but some viewers complained on Thursday that the ending made it a waste of their time.

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It starred Compston as estranged husband Bram who had split from wife Fi (Tuppence Middleton) after cheating on her with a neighbour, but was hiding secrets about causing a car accident that killed a child.

He had been blackmailed into selling their house behind Fi's back and giving the proceeds to Rupert Penry-Jones' character, who was posing as Fi's new boyfriend and who she killed when she discovered what he had done, trying to place the blame on Bram.

The Louise Candlish novel gets a dramatic TV adaptation.
Tuppence Middleton's character got a tough ending. (Red Planet Productions/ITV)

But viewers were frustrated at the ending that saw Bram turn in a confession and suicide note to the police, which accidentally implicated Fi by explaining that she had no idea her boyfriend and his blackmailer were the same person - despite her telling police she had never seen the man before when she reported finding his body at Bram's flat.

Those tuning in to find out the ending were annoyed at the twist, which left the couple's two young sons without either parent.

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One person tweeted: "Whattt??? That’s the end? Not only did her husband have 2 affairs, caused a child to die,sold the family house (where’s all the belongings?)why not admit to the police & go to jail? Now he’s caused his wife to go to jail by dropping her in it !?! #ourhouse"

Another viewer wrote: "I feel sorry for the boys #OurHouse"



Pictured:RUPERT PENRY-JONES as Toby.

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Rupert Penry-Jones' double-crossing character was the couple's downfall. (Red Planet Productions/ITV)

Someone else added: "I have invested 4 hours into #Ourhouse and loved every minute until the last 3! Wtf was that ending?! What happens to her now, and the children, and the money and does he die so many unanswered question!"

One frustrated viewer tweeted: "#OurHouse waste of 4 nights of my life for that ending."

However, one Compston fan made reference to his shock storyline in recent BBC drama Vigil which saw him killed off in episode one as they wrote: "At least Martin lasted longer than 5 minutes this time."


Tuppence Middleton (Downton Abbey, Shadowplay, War and Peace) and Martin Compston (Line of Duty, The Nest, In Plain Sight) will play estranged husband and wife Fi and Bram Lawson as Rupert Penry-Jones (The Drowning, Whitechapel, The Last Weekend) takes the role of enigmatic Toby in this edge-of-your-seat thriller produced by Red Planet Pictures.

Also joining the cast are Weruche Opia (I May Destroy You,) as FiÕs best friend and neighbour Merle, and Buket Komur (Honour) as the mysterious and alluring Wendy. 

Pictured:MARTIN COMPSTON as Bram Lawson and TUPPENCE MIDDLETON as Fi Lawson.

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Viewers were disappointed that there was no happy ending for the couple. (Red Planet Productions/ITV) (LAURENCE CENDROWICZ)

Our House viewers also picked holes in the plot in general, questioning how the scam came about and why none of the neighbours had noticed the secret house move.

One person tweeted: "In my street neighbours would all have seen that moonlight flit and be texting each other. Probs even be on the local Facebook site within the hour."

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Someone else asked: "So how the hell did they know to run his car off the road ??? Just lucky he had a £2 million pound house and was ripe for a bit of blackmail eh? Rubbish."

However, other viewers pointed out that the ending closely followed the plot of Candlish's book, with one person commenting: "I can see why people are maybe feeling the end of #OurHouse was a bit "eh?" but to be fair that's how the book ended."

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