Overnight Incendiary Attack Reported in East Ghouta

A week-long bombardment of East Ghouta, one of the heaviest of the Syrian civil war, killed at least 32 people, including six children, on Friday, February 23, according to reports, prior to a UN Security Council vote on a 30-day ceasefire.

This video, posted by an anti-government media activist organization, is said to show explosions of incendiary weapons, which are illegal to deploy over civilian areas.

At least three activist reports, as well as international media coverage, reported airstrikes and the use of rocket and artillery shells, any of which can discharge incendiary components, which are designed to burn hot after they have hit the ground. In the video, a growing fire can be seen beneath the descending sparks, indicating incendiary weapons. Incendiary weapons have been used frequently by Syrian forces during the Syrian civil war, according to Human Rights Watch.

At least 400,000 people are estimated to live in East Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, and a known hiding place for a number of different jihadist and anti-Assad regime groups. Credit: YouTube/Qasioun Agency via Storyful