My own list of hideous men: from a dodgy driving instructor to Boris Johnson

Suzanne Moore
Photograph: Craig Ruttle/AP

E Jean Carroll’s list of “hideous men” is a magnificent essay that ends with her detailed allegations about being raped by Donald Trump. People seem not to care much about such accusations, or the racism made explicit by his tweets over the weekend.

Her list reminded me of incidents in my own life often involving harassment and assault, but made me also want to start another list of hideous men who have undermined me not sexually, but in every other possible way.

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Here’s my starter for 10:

1) The boyfriend who told me I had zero musical taste because I preferred Sly Stone to Cream.

2) The man who would not employ me in a poxy insurance office, saying: “Not only do I think you should not have this job, but you should not be allowed in any office ever.”

3) The careers adviser who said that the only way for a girl like me to travel was to become an air hostess or join the navy.

4) The tutor who told me when I got pregnant while doing a degree that I should not continue to study but stay at home with the baby.

5) The editor who told me that it must be easy being a “lady columnist” because: “You can just write about painting your toenails.”

6) The driving instructor who told me that changing gears was just like “making love. No wonder you haven’t got the hang of it.”

7) The man at a party who, when I explained my children had different fathers, muttered: “That’s disgusting” and walked away

8) The guy I met travelling who said I was an idiot to be in India alone and deserved whatever I got.

9) The men who have told me that men are not attracted to women who discuss sex, politics or religion.

10) Boris Johnson.