Owner Dresses Dog and Guinea Pig in Adorable Gingerbread Costumes

On December 12, Jade the pug and Bingo the guinea pig donned festive gingerbread costumes in Montreal, Canada, as their owners geared them up for the holiday season.

“They love getting dressed up and posing for the camera”, according to their owner, Melissa Trihey.

The two looked rather relaxed in their outfits, with Jade even letting out a yawn at one point. Both Jade and Bingo are part of Furballs Inc., which is made up of 15 pets including dogs, pigs, chinchillas and Guinea pigs.

This was not the first time the two have dressed up; the Furballs Inc. YouTube and Instagram
accounts feature tons of adorable videos of all the pets in themed outfits. Credit: Furballs Inc. via Storyful