Paddy McGuinness discusses life since split and admits struggles with 'zero contact'

The Top Gear host has opened up on his family dynamic for the first time since his marriage breakdown

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MARCH 18: Paddy Mcguinness during the Red Nose Day night of TV for Comic Relief on March 18, 2022 in Manchester, England. Live from MediaCityUk in Salford on BBC One and iPlayer. (Photo by Nicky Johnston/Comic Relief via Getty Images)
Paddy Mcguinness has opened up on family life since his marriage breakdown. (Getty Images) (Comic Relief via Getty Images)

Paddy McGuinness has opened up on his family life for the first time since his split from wife Christine McGuinness admitting he struggles with "zero contact" with his family.

The popular TV host also admitted that remaining in the family home following their break up made sense for him because he gets "homesick" if he is separated from them for too long.

McGuinness, 49, split from his wife after 11 years of marriage in July 2022, announcing the separation after a family holiday.

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The pair have continued to live together since their break up in order to co-parent their three autistic children Penelope, Felicity and Leo.

Now the Top Gear Host has admitted that he has certain rules he sticks to in order to help prevent himself from getting homesick if he has to go away.

He told The Sun: "I've always had a sort of rule what I stick by where I never do more than nine days anywhere because I just like being at home. I think naturally you get homesick.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 22:  Christine Martin and Paddy McGuinness attend the National Television Awards held at the O2 Arena on January 22, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)
Paddy and Christine co-habit since splitting to parent their autistic children. (Getty Images) (Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images)

The comedian also admitted that he relies heavily on his phone to keep in touch with his children if he has a job where he has to be away from home as he struggles with having no contact.

He continued: "If I have to work away, I’ve got a phone. If you work in a job where you might be away for a couple of days a week, or whatever it is, in this day and age it’s a small world because you’ve got Zoom and phones and WhatsApp and everything else, so you still kind of don’t feel you’re away as such.

"But when you’re in the position where you’ve literally got zero contact with your family, that’s when the chips are really down.”

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Earlier this week Christine opened up about their family life as she confessed they are "not like any other family."

Talking on Heart FM's No Filter she said: "We’re not actually like any other family I know. I love the way we are, I try not to compare myself to any other family because we're actually not like any other family that I know.

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"I'm comfortable and I embrace our family the way we are, and I love our differences. Each and every family is unique anyway but ours is just one that I've never seen on any social media platform before and I'm quite proud of that.

"I love us, I love the way we are."