What the papers say – March 27

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s anti-social behaviour crackdown features across Monday’s front pages, along with an NHS recruitment drive and Harry Styles’ public kiss with an American supermodel.

The Daily Telegraph leads with the PM’s “crackdown” on anti-social behaviour, including police being given new powers on beggars, allowing them to confront and move rough sleepers.

The Daily Mirror reports on the fake job interview which caught MP Kwasi Kwarteng telling a fake consultancy firm he can help them meet with former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while asking for £10,000 a day.

The i leads with Mr Sunak trying to calm the nerves of up to 60 Tory politicians who are threatening to rebel ahead of the Illegal Migration Bill landing in the Commons today.

The Daily Star reports on the 150mph jet stream that will bring storms to the UK.

The Daily Mail says more than 1,000 sex offenders have escaped criminal convictions over the last two years by apologising to their victims.

The Sun leads with a picture of Harry Styles kissing American supermodel Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo.

The Independent reports on Britain’s organ donor crisis with more families refusing to sign up to donate while the Government promises to “fix the system”.

The Guardian reports on a call for a “homegrown recruitment drive” for the NHS in England to avoid a 571,000-employee shortage within 13 years.

The Daily Express reports on the Tory rebels who are urging Rishi Sunak to close the loophole allowing foreign judges to interfere with Britain’s borders.

And Mr Sunak’s consideration of whether to ban “laughing gas” cannisters from sale to the public as a part of his crackdown on anti-social behaviour leads the Metro.