Passenger Not in the Mood for Flight Attendant's Crooning After Repeated Delays

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight was unimpressed when a flight attendant burst out in song to ease the mood after repeated delays taking off from Chicago’s Midway Airport on August 16.

This video was filmed by Los Angeles resident Andrew Lalwani, who is seen expressing his confusion as the attendant is overheard belting out a version of the Patsy Cline standard Crazy with airline-themed words. Among the new lyrics are: “nobody loves you like Southwest … we’re crazy about making you love us.”

When he posted the video on Twitter, Lalwani wrote, “My airline @SouthwestAir is super delayed tonight, so our attendant thought it would be a great idea to sing to us.”

At one point, Lalwani directs the camera to the row behind him to show his friend shake his head in disapproval. Credit: Andrew Rajan Lalwani via Storyful

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