Paul Hollywood branded 'rude' as he blunders through Japan for food show

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Paul Hollywood's guide Kilara told him he was being rude on 'Paul Hollywood Eats Japan'. (Channel 4)
Paul Hollywood's guide Kilara told him he was being rude on his new food show. (Channel 4)

Paul Hollywood was branded “rude” as he blundered his way through Japan for his new food show making a series of cultural faux pas.

The Great British Bake Off judge fronts new Channel 4 series Paul Hollywood Eats Japan, in which he travels the country exploring its cuisine.

Hollywood, 54, declared in the first episode: “Japan does make me nervous because it's all rice and noodles, isn't it? They don't do bread, they don't do cakes!"

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Paul Hollywood didn't think they baked in Japan. (Channel 4)
Paul Hollywood didn't think people baked in Japan. (Channel 4)

The professional baker then expressed surprise when confronted with a Japanses bakery, saying he assumed the country was a "rice-based culture".

After going to buy tinned bread, Hollywood attempted to open it and eat it right away, before being warned by his guide, Kilara, of yet another cultural gaffe.

He admitted: "There's another little etiquette slap for me. Apparently, you can't eat food on the street, on the metro, while you're driving."

Kilara took the presenter to task as she introduced him to a traditional meal.

She told Hollywood: "Please stop pointing with chopsticks. It's rude. It's childish. You're like a five-year-old kid.”

At another point in the show Hollywood challenged a Michelin-starred ramen chef to try a Pot Noodle – a British junk food made with instant noodles.

Paul Hollywood asked the chef at Michelin starred ramen restaurant  Nakiryu to try a Pot Noodle. (Channel 4)
Paul Hollywood asked the chef at Michelin-starred ramen restaurant Nakiryu to try a Pot Noodle. (Channel 4)

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Meanwhile, The Great British Bake Off star has revealed he has run out of flour during the coronavirus lockdown.

Hollywood said: “I’ve been doing a lot of baking since the lockdown and I’ve really enjoyed it.

“Flour is the issue though – I’ve got baking powder, which I was given by a neighbour, but I must admit I haven’t got any plain flour! One of my favourite things to bake at the moment is banana bread. I haven’t made it for about 12 years, when I used to supply it to hotels, but I had to do it with strong flour, which is all I had.”

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan continues on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 9pm.

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