Paul O'Grady left 'heartbroken' after his dog Olga is put to sleep

Mike P Williams

TV presenter Paul O’Grady has revealed his dog, Olga, has died – and spoken about the touching way she passed away.

Speaking to the Mirror , O’Grady, 62, spoke of the heartache of putting his 14-year-old dog, Olga, to sleep.

O’Grady said how he carried his  Cairn terrier cross in to his garden, where friends and the vet were able to say goodbye to the family pooch.

‘I held her and off she went,’ he said. ‘I buried her myself in the orchard.

‘She was widely loved. She had her own fan club,’ he said of Olga, who has over 34,000 Instagram followers of her own.

‘I’m really sad but there was no choice but for Olga to be put to sleep,’ the star revealed, and described what happened after his beloved pet was laid to rest after it was made known she was dying of kidney failure.


‘She was ready to go. At least I will have a good night’s sleep now. I have been up with her for two nights on the sofa. She’s been up in the night vomming and things.

‘It’s the hardest thing to do but it’s the only thing to do,’ after he resigned himself to putting his friend to sleep to ease her suffering.

‘I knew it wasn’t Olga any more, she was a state. I shed my tears earlier on in the week. It’s heartbreaking. but she had a great life. She loved television studios.’

The For The Love Of Dogs presenter is said to have spent around £8,000 on treatment or Olga when she was suffering from cancer four years ago, and despite being left with just one kidney had made a full recovery.


Only last week was it revealed that O’Grady almost died while filming his upcoming series of the dog programme, after he got extremely ill after petting stray dogs in the gutters of Delhi, India.

The dog owner, who lives in Kent with five of his other dogs, vowed never to get another dog after he put Olga, the canine he named his Olga TV production company after, to sleep.

‘She was my familiar, my main man.’

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