YouTube star denies accusations of owing £10k and leaving rented home covered in faeces and stained in urine after eviction


An Instagram and YouTube star has denied allegations that she left her rented home in disarray, after she was evicted.

Online star Kayla Jenkins, known on the web as Okaylaaa, was removed from her rented Manchester property when the YouTuber, 24, failed to pay her rent.

On this week’s Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords that aired on Channel 5, who boasts 643,000 YouTube followers and over 100,000 on Instagram, fell behind on her rent and ended up owing landlords Paul and Paula Hopwood around £5,000 in rent.

(Channel 5/Facebook)
(Channel 5/Facebook)

But when the couple eventually got the house back they found it in an appalling state – including dog poo scattered on the floor and smeared on the sofa, damaged interiors, as well as urine-soaked curtains.

‘To just walk in and see that it had been completely wrecked was absolutely soul destroying,’ Paula said on the show.

(Channel 5)
(Channel 5)

The total rent arrears, it is said, comes to £9,500, according to the Hopwoods. It’s almost double her owed bill because Kayla was living with a co-tenant, with only a £1,950 payment said to have been made.

However, after reaching out to Kayla’s management, they say this isn’t the case.

They state she was ‘legally responsible for £2850 of rent arrears, not 10k. Her landlords lied when they claimed she owed 10K. Kayla’s personal rent arrears were £4750 and £1900 was instantly paid off the arrears via her funds kept with the Tenancy Protection Scheme, leaving a sum of £2850 outstanding in Kayla’s name.’

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Tthe star’s management also claim the whole thing was a set-up and that they ‘staged the dog mess in the container to make her look bad on TV.’

Furthermore, they issued a statement on Kayla’s side to the story:

‘She [Kayla] also alleges the landlords “staged” certain things on the TV show and are on a vendetta to make her look bad because they were unhappy that the Police had been called a few times due to the male landlord Mr Hopwood harassing, stalking and frightening the young female tenants, prior to the rent arrears/eviction matters starting.’

It’s also been claimed that Kayla has been suffering from depression which meant she was unable to work and subsequently her income evaporated.

The Hopwoods told the programme that, despite there being a ‘no pets’ policy, the YouTuber was keeping ‘five dogs, four cats, two budgies, two guinea pigs and three rabbits.’

(Channel 5)
(Channel 5)

Kayla, however, claims she only had one puppy and that her landlords knew about it.

Disgruntled by their tenant, Paul said before they were successful in obtaining an eviction notice: ‘She is in there, she’s making money in our house, using it as a film set for her videos and not paying her rent and there’s nothing we can do.’

(Channel 5)
(Channel 5)

Kayla’s management said that Kayla was ’embarrassed and sorry that she was unable to pay her rent’ and that she ‘could not help the fact that work opportunities dried up due to a bout of depression’.

She shared a quote about dealing with depression as he most recent Instagram post, but has not made any comment on social media about the accusation.

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The landlord couple now face an unenviable task of cleaning the property and say it’ll cost them thousands of pounds to make the flat inhabitable again.

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