Comedian Pete Holmes Unknowingly Tells Malia Obama To 'Shut The F**k Up' During Set

Comedian Pete Holmes believes whisperers in the audience are worse than hecklers. So, when two young women in the front row whispered incessantly during his stand-up act in Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently, he didn’t hold back.

Holmes recalled on “Conan” Thursday that he repeatedly asked them to stop and finally said, “Shut the fuck up.” (See the video above.)

When that didn’t work, he covered the two with the stage curtain, thinking it would get “a big laugh.” But it didn’t. He soon discovered why.

After the show, Holmes said he was informed that one of the whispering women was former President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia.

“Why wasn’t I shot?” Holmes asked O’Brien.

Watch Holmes tell his very funny story above.


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