Peter Andre Was ‘Distraught’ After Twitter Falsely Claimed He Paid Women For Sex

Poor Peter Andre. Not only was he forced to delay his honeymoon to act as a witness in a High Court case, he’s also been left ‘distraught’ over false Twitter claims.

So much for enjoying life as a newly married man with Emily MacDonagh after his gorgeous wedding day.


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The case in question involves Neville Hendricks, Pete’s former TV producer, who is suing ITV2 after they cut him off from producing reality shows involving the singer and Kerry Katona.

Appearing at the High Court, 42-year-old Peter challenged “very serious allegations of sexual misconduct” made on Twitter, admitting that he felt attacked by Neville, who he believed supported said tweets.

According to The Mirror, he said in a written statement: “Those Twitter users accused me of all kinds of illegal activities and indiscretions. Rather than defending me (or ignoring them), Neville chose to join in with them.”


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The statement continued: “The tweets alleged the Andre brothers attempted to confiscate temporarily cameras and smartphones so there were no photographs of these encounters but that a photograph of Mr Andre and a woman existed.”

It’s reported that @Kmaddock claimed Peter and his brother Michael had “paid for sexual services with girls in London,” and that he also tweeted that they “had discussed flying girls to visit them” on a trip to Australia.

The user said this “could be considered trafficking.”


In his statement, Pete added: “She suggested that Michael and I had been involved in illegal activities.

“Her accusations involved very serious allegations of sexual misconduct and suggestions that my activities justified police involvement.”

But it wasn’t just the tweets themselves that were causing him distress - he also said Neville was endorsing other “aggressive or defamatory” messages on Twitter, and that he once called @Kmaddock’s tweets “spot on.”


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He admitted: “I remember becoming more and more anxious. It seemed Neville was deliberately trying to attack my career.”

However, the producer denies Peter’s allegations, saying in his statement: “I was certainly in touch with these users (in that we exchanged messages on Twitter) but I did not endorse all they said.”

He added that he ONLY endorsed information about Claire Powell, Peter’s manager.


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Peter told the court of “death threats” and that Neville had a plan to ‘ruin’ his career, claiming: “He could be volatile, but this felt real.”

The star denied that he planned to reveal Katie Price as a ‘cheat’ to “cause her distress and to boost his own image.“

The hearing continues.