Peter Andre's fans rush to his defence after 'cruel' comment about picture of baby daughter

Emily and Peter Andre
Peter Andre and his baby daughter -Credit:No credit

Peter Andre's fans have defended him after a follower posted a "cruel" comment as he shared the latest update about his newborn daughter. The Mysterious Girl singer welcomed his third child and second daughter, Arabella Rose Andrea, who was born in Taunton, with wife Emily last month.

The couple share seven year old son, Theo and daughter, Amelia, 10. Peter also shares 18-year-old son Junior and daughter Princess, 16, with ex-wife Katie Price.

Peter has been keeping his fans up to date with their progress as a family including the much anticipated reveal of his youngest daughter's name. The TV personality recently revealed that his newborn daughter is a "true Aussie" in a video he shared on his Instagram page.

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He explained: "Just dropped off Millie and Theo to school, and I have just realised that my daughter here is a true Aussie because she is sleeping on the Australian time zone. At night here when it's morning in Australia she is wide awake and in the morning here when it is nighttime in Australia she's asleep. She is 100 percent an Aussie.

Peter captioned the post: "She is a true Aussie. She has to be."

His fans flooded the video with supportive comments but one remark left others rushing to his defence, reports the Mirror.

One wrote: "You look lovely with your granddaughter," to which a fan hit back "Silly statement to say that if you are a fan you would know if not go away with your opinions."

An aggravated reader expressed: "Oh the things you will say for attention you sad little woman! Jealousy is a terrible disease and you clearly suffer quite badly from it," while another mused: "What is it with people! ! Spoiling such a beautiful post! ! ! "

In other news, an eagerly awaited reveal saw Peter disclosing the tender meaning behind his newborn daughter's name. In his column for OK! Magazine, he wrote: "A couple of weeks ago I told Emily it was her turn to choose a baby name since she'd brought our baby into the world."

"Emily wanted us to decide together, but when she suggested the name Arabella Rose, I instantly thought, 'That's so beautiful'. I suppose we'll call her Bella or Belle for short."

"Her name suits her perfectly and Rose is what we initially called Millie for the first few weeks. Our family feels complete."

Following his daughter's birth, Peter confessed that he and Emily had experienced difficulties in naming her. In an affectionate Instagram post last month, he said: "Baby has been spoilt with cuddles from Junior, Princess, Amelia and Theo who are all in love with their new little sister. As parents, we couldn't be happier. Only thing is... She has no name yet. Help!"

Weeks later, he wrote: "The love I have for our baby is one thing. The love I have for Emily is another love altogether. What an incredible mum she is and what a truly beautiful gift she has given us. We all love bubba so much. And she STILL has no name."