Peter Capaldi won’t be quitting Doctor Who anytime soon

Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who - Credit: BBC
Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who – Credit: BBC
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‘Doctor Who’ star Peter Capaldi isn’t going anywhere… he hopes.

During an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show, the 58-year-old ‘Doctor Who’ star explained that he doesn’t want to leave the show for a very long time.

“I don’t want to escape the idea that I’m Doctor Who,” he explained. “It’s finite. I won’t be Doctor Who forever, so there will be a day when people don’t come and say hello.”

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“It’s a really unique position to be in,” he added. “There are only 12 people to have played this role and you become the focus of the affection for the role.”

Of course, it’s been three years since Peter Capaldi took on the role of The Doctor in the hit BBC sci-fi drama. But while many fans adore his representation of the ageing Time Lord, it seems as though there are near-constant rumours of Capaldi leaving the show.

Thankfully, it seems it’s all just talk.

The Doctor alongside new assistant, Bill - Credit: BBC
The Doctor alongside new assistant, Bill – Credit: BBC

“You stand on the shoulders of everybody else who has played it, and they’ve done all the work,” he explained of the show’s legacy. “I just turn up and look alarmed or be excited or blow up a Dalek here and there.”

‘Doctor Who’ returns on Christmas Day with a new special titled ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’, which sees The Doctor hurtling head-first into the world of superherhoes. And we’ll be getting Series 10 sometime in early 2017.

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