Piers Morgan blocks Simon McCoy on Twitter after spat over ratings

Piers Morgan has been talking about the ratings on his new show. (TalkTV)
Piers Morgan has been talking about the ratings on his new show. (TalkTV)

Piers Morgan branded Simon McCoy "bitter" and blocked him on Twitter after the pair clashed over TV ratings.

Former Good Morning Britain star Morgan had boasted about viewing figures for his new Uncensored show, which is airing on new global channel talkTV from Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

However, McCoy – who announced in December that he was stepping down as a presenter on GB News – waded in and asked Morgan to prove it by showing the official data.

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Morgan, 57, tweeted: “UPDATE: @PiersUncensored beat Sky News & GB News in the UK ratings AGAIN last night.. still very early days, but the show is already gaining real traction around the world, making lots of news, and as I hoped, annoying all the right people.”

McCoy then responded: “Please show the figures. #Facts.”

Morgan replied: “Show me yours. Oh wait…”

“Retirement, Piers. Try it,” said the screen veteran, 60.

BBC newsreader Simon McCoy (BBC)
BBC newsreader Simon McCoy (BBC)

But Morgan snapped back: “What, and be as bitter as you?

"No thanks.”

McCoy later told his followers on the site that Morgan had blocked him.

He also shared a screengrab, captioned: "Ooh.."

Fans flocked to Twitter to joke that McCoy had been censored.

Donald Trump on Piers Morgan Uncensored Talk TV (Talk TV)
Piers Morgan launched Uncensored on Talk TV with a Donald Trump interview. (Talk TV)

But, in a nod to Morgan’s mission to cancel ‘cancel culture’, Coy teased: “Can’t have been.

"He says he’s open to debate...”

Morgan’s new show debuted in April and had a strong start.

It was reported that it brought in an average audience of 317,000 and peaked at around 400,000, beating the numbers of rivals BBC News and Sky News.

However, it has been reported that viewership fell after that.

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According to Deadline, the second episode was viewed by an average of 216,000 people.

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