Piers Morgan mocks Konnie Huq on 'GMB' over bizarre Brexit beheading rant

Tom Beasley
Piers Morgan was left baffled by Konnie Huq's references to beheading while discussing Brexit. (Credit: Channel 5/ITV)

Piers Morgan was left baffled by a Brexit rant from broadcaster Konnie Huq, in which she made repeated references to chopping off people’s heads.

Huq, who is best known for her time as a presenter on Blue Peter, appeared on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine on Monday to discuss the latest developments in British politics.

The 44-year-old had a heated discussion with radio host Mike Parry in which she challenged him on his commitment to following through with the Brexit vote.

She said: “Would you want Brexit to happen now if suddenly the new term was that everyone's head gets chopped off?”

When Parry responded by reasserting the question that appeared on the referendum ballot paper, Huq said: “But people voted for it. If people voted for it why are you changing the goal posts?”

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Parry said Huq was posing a “nonsensical question” and host Vine moved the debate away from the extreme analogy.

Konnie Huq arriving for the British Academy Children's Awards (BAFTAs). (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)

Morgan weighed in to the debate on Good Morning Britain, describing Huq as a “lovely lady” who is “apparently completely normal, apart from Brexit”.

He added: “Apparently, Brexit sends everyone nuts.

“The only place worse is America, with Trump. We just need to calm down.”

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Morgan then launched into an impression of Huq’s impassioned rant, before declaring that everyone has “gone nuts” as a result of Brexit.

The GMB host had previously tweeted his assessment of Huq’s Jeremy Vine appearance, joking that “Remoaners” have “lost their heads”.

Morgan went on to criticise public figures including actor Hugh Grant and His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman for their recent comments about Boris Johnson.

He said: “This is the safest time to ever be alive.

“There are fewer wars than there has ever been, there’s less poverty and hunger than there’s ever been.

“Everybody out there is losing their minds.”

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Good Morning Britain and Jeremy Vine both air on weekday mornings on ITV and Channel 5 respectively.

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