Piers Morgan slams Oscar-winner Gary Oldman for not mentioning Britain in acceptance speech

Piers Morgan is never happy, it seems.

Despite British acting legend Gary Oldman winning an Oscar (his first, no less) for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour, the Good Morning Britain host couldn’t resist taking a swipe at him.

On today’s show, Morgan, 52, decided to berate Oldman, 59, for what he did – or specifically didn’t – say in his acceptance speech.

After he and co-host Susanna Reid opened the show by offering a recap of the big winners from the 90th Oscars ceremony, Morgan voiced his observation of Oldman.

‘It was interesting, we call Gary Oldman a British winner, but he just made a big speech about America and about being American, having American kids. Lives in America,’ he began.

‘I was waiting for him and thinking, “Come on, mate, you’re playing Sir Winston Churchill, at least give us a scrap.” He mentioned South London, but he didn’t grab the British thing.’

Gary Oldman with his Best Actor Oscar for Darkest Hour. (PA)
Gary Oldman with his Best Actor Oscar for Darkest Hour. (PA)

‘He basically stood there and was like, “I’m so grateful to America.” Wait, it was this country that empowered you, Gary Oldman,’ he ranted.

‘You’re playing one of the great British leaders of history,’ Morgan continued.

Amusingly, co-presenter Reid, 47, tried to bait Morgan by asking if he was ‘accusing him of being a traitor,’ to which he snapped: ‘I think Gary Oldman is a very brilliant actor but you should never forget your roots. When you win those big awards, you’re there for Britain,’ he ended.

Clearly, Piers doesn’t subscribe to the idea that Oldman achieved his career success not because of where he’s from but because of his talent.

Piers’ latest outburst comes after he revealed he had threatened to quit GMB due to the early start times.

You can catch his morning rants on GMB every day at 6am, on ITV1.

Piers rants about Gary Oldman (ITV)
Piers rants about Gary Oldman (ITV)

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