Piers Morgan welcomed Stevie Wonder to Twitter and the replies were predictably awful

Piers welcomes Stevie to the Twittersphere. (PA)
Piers welcomes Stevie to the Twittersphere. (PA)

Music legend Stevie Wonder joined Twitter today. Sadly, he was welcomed by divisive Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan and, as a result, the replies to the tweet were just the worst.

People from far and wide had received the memo to be just awful.

Some had seemingly legitmate concerns.

The legendary Wonder performing live. (PA)
The legendary Wonder performing live. (PA)

While others took that and revved up the conspiracy machine.

Some openly admitted they were only here to witness the car crash of commenting.

The terrible tweets just kept coming.

Stevie Wonder meeting the Queen back in 2012. (PA)
Stevie Wonder meeting the Queen back in 2012. (PA)

Some seemed to get him mixed up with another musical legend from the same era.

Awfulness personified.

And some just took pure offence to Piers Morgan for no other reason than because he was Piers Morgan.

But amidst the same jokes about his disability, there was always time to rip Piers in the process.

So far, the Isn’t She Lovely singer had tweeted just once and that was in celebration of the life of Martin Luther King and it’s had over 38,000 retweets.

With an impressive 14.3k followers already, the 67-year-old is still yet to follow anyone.

Despite the flurry of users asking ‘but how can a blind person use Twitter?’, there are ways the app caters for disabilities such as blindness.

The social media giant does have features that give blind and visually impaired users a better experience. Rob Long, a blind veteran and martial arts competitor, went viral when he tweeted about the feature in January.

‘I’m a blind twitter user. There are a lot of us out there. Increase your ability to reach us and help us interact with your pictures, it’s really simple and makes a huge difference to our twitter experience allowing us to see your images our way. Thanks for the description,’ he said, which has had over 145,000 retweets so far.

So if you want to help visually impaired and blind people have a better user experience, simply go to your profile, click ‘settings’ and turn ‘Compose image descriptions’ on.

When you next post a tweet with an image it’ll give you the choice to add a brief description to aid said users.

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