PM quits as Slovakia struggles with political uncertainty

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The political situation in Slovakia has become uncertain after its caretaker prime minister stepped down. Eduard Heger called on President Zuzana Čaputová to revoke his mandate to lead the government.

Heger made the declarations in a statement, saying that the president had not accepted his proposals to solve the country's current political impasse. He was leading the country until fresh elections due at the end of September.

His resignation follows a string of ministerial resignations over the past week, potentially paving the way for a pro-Moscow party to take power.

Heger said "I promised you that I would try to lead Slovakia to democratic elections in a stable and peaceful manner. After the departure of the 2nd Minister within a few days on Friday, I decided not to wait and yesterday I offered President Zuzana Čaputová alternatives that I see as more stable and less risky than appointing a caretaker government for the last few months of this election period."

The Agriculture Minister Samuel Vican resigned on Thursday after a case involving a €1.4 million subsidy to his company. Then the following day, Foreign Minister Rastislav Kacer said he was leaving.

The country's president has since appointed a top banker, Deputy Governor Ludovit Odor, to lead a technocrat government.

Slovakia will have a general election in September and polls suggest that voters are leaning towards the pro-Russia Smer-SD party, which is against sending military support to Ukraine.