Police Guarding Trump Hotel in Washington Kneel in Front of Protesters

Police officers stationed in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington knelt in front of protesters on June 1 amid a nationwide wave of demonstrations over the death of George Floyd.

A number of videos and images of the moment were shared to social media. In footage shot by local woman Lauren Malloy, the officers are seen kneeling in a line spanning the hotel’s entrance while protesters cheer and applaud them. One officer gives the crowd a thumbs up while another partakes in a fist bump with a protester.

Malloy said the group she was a part of were “marching from the White House to the Capitol” when they stopped outside the Trump Hotel to kneel.

“The cops took a knee in unison,” she said, “except for one who didn’t kneel.” She added that “at the end, one of the officers turned to a supervisor and asked “can I get up now” so it seems like it was an order.”

Malloy said that, “after a few minutes people kept on marching.” Credit: Lauren Malloy via Storyful

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