Police investigate after light show vandalised by ‘eco-extremists’

Police are investigating after a light show event was vandalised by “eco-extremists”.

Organisers of GlasGLOW said “obscene graffiti” was scrawled across key pieces of the show in the city’s Botanic Gardens in the early hours of Saturday.

Event chiefs itison blamed “eco-extremists” and said the vandalism came after weeks of trolling by people who claimed the organisers are abusing wildlife and destroying the gardens by hosting GlasGLOW in the Botanics.

The vandalism happened hours after hundreds of local children and families enjoyed the show in Glasgow’s west end.

Oli Norman, chief executive of itison, said: “Alongside the entire team I’m saddened and disgusted by the mindless vandalism that took place at GlasGLOW early this morning.

“This behaviour has nothing to do with the climate emergency or protecting wildlife, and everything to do with a small minority of individuals trying to tell us what we can and can’t do in our public spaces.

“We have been accused of ‘green washing’ for using biofuels and donating tens of thousands to local charities and labelled ‘corporate greedy’ for employing over 270 local people to deliver GlasgGLOW.

“We are a local company putting on an event bringing families and friends together to spread light and joy in the dark months.

“These trolls should be ashamed of themselves – not only are they disrupting a much-loved event, but they have undermined the cause of environmental groups that genuinely want to drive change.”

Itison shared photos of workers cleaning the words “Greta was here” beside a Saltire flag from a dinosaur statue, while another image showed the words “f*** animal cruelty” daubed onto a wooden box.

Organisers said that Saturday’s show will go ahead as planned.

Police said they are investigating the incident.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “On Saturday October 29, police received a report of a vandalism that took place earlier that morning at an event in Botanic Gardens, Glasgow.

“Police inquiries are ongoing into this report and anyone with information that may assist the enquiry should contact 101 with reference 1472 of October 29.”

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “This is the second act of mindless vandalism we’ve seen in our parks this week. GlasGLOW is a great addition to what people can do in our parks and it’s a real shame that people are trying to stop families having fun.”