Prince Harry's uncle 'still sees Royal Family as the enemy' and thinks he was 'hard done by'

Despite Prince Harry not having his father or brother by his side at St Paul's Cathedral, he had the support of his uncle, Earl Charles Spencer.

They gathered together for a special service commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

There had been speculation that Harry would have to face the event alone as the Royal Family opted out of attending.

However, Diana's siblings - Earl Charles Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes - stood in solidarity with him, reports the Mirror.

Tom Quinn, a Royal expert believes this show of unity "speaks volumes about where their loyalties lie".

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, he stated: "Harry may have cut a lonely figure at St Pauls, but he did have one other family supporting him his mother's family. Diana's sister Lady Jane Fellowes was there as well as her brother, Earl Spencer".

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex attends The Invictus Games Foundation 10th Anniversary Service at St Paul's Cathedral
Prince Harry was seen chatting to his aunt and uncle ( Image: 2024 Getty Images) -Credit:2024 Getty Images

Contrarily, the Spencers have reportedly always felt uneasy with the Royal Family after the demise of Princess Diana - feeling particularly critical of their treatment towards her, especially from Prince Charles.

Princess Diana passed away tragically in a Paris car accident in August 1997.

Royal commentator Tom Bower suggested that there remained bitterness over the incident and that the Spencers' support for Prince Harry was significant.

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (R) chats with his uncle Earl Spencer
He has a very close relationship with the Duke of Sussex ( Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images) -Credit:POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Bower stated, "The fact that the Spencers were out in force for Harry on this visit speaks volumes about where their loyalties lie. Like Harry, the Spencers still see the Royal Family, to some extent, as the enemy."

"If anyone is taking sides, the Spencers will always take sides with Harry simply because they feel he was hard done by and Harry hugely appreciates their support."

While Earl Charles Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes appeared at the Invictus Games service, Harry arrived alone at the cathedral entrance.

Meanwhile, King Charles, flanked by several royals, attended a Buckingham Palace garden party, showcasing unity.

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