Princess Michael of Kent Attends Royal Wedding

Eileen Reslen
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From Cosmopolitan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once again proved they are much better people than we are by extending an invitation to Princess Michael of Kent - wife of Prince Michael of Kent, Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin - to their royal wedding Saturday.

The 73-year-old British royal is, of late, infamous for wearing a racist brooch to the royal family's Christmas luncheon late last year. (Also though, a former boyfriend of her daughter alleged earlier this year that she once owned a pair of black sheep which she named Venus and Serena...) The gathering, hosted by the Queen, was the first time that Markle, who is biracial, met members of Harry's extended family. Princess Michael of Kent did not make the best first impression, to say the least.

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The accessory she wore was a piece of blackamoor jewelry - an ebony figurine which, despite the ornate gold clothing, usually depicts its subject in a position of servitude, such as carrying plates of food or waiting on someone.

After the event, and backlash, a spokesperson for the princess issued an apology via TMZ, saying that Princess Michael was "very sorry and distressed." The spokesperson added the brooch was a gift she has worn several times (which, when you think about it, only makes things worse?), but that she would retire it for good. But, you know, not retire for good herself.

And so on Saturday morning, as celebrities, dignitaries and other members of the royal family arrived at Windsor Castle, Princess Michael also made her way into the ceremony at St. George's Chapel, showing just how forgiving the newest royal couple could be.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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