Prison Break star is unsure about a potential season 6

Photo credit: 2017 FOX Broadcasting Co.
Photo credit: 2017 FOX Broadcasting Co.

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As Prison Break continues to leave us hanging when it comes to the possibility of any more new episodes once its revival run comes to an end, it looks like one of its stars isn't too sure it'd be a great idea to keep drawing the series out.

"I love this character. I love this story. I owe a tremendous amount to this story and to the fans of this story," Sarah Wayne Callies explained to the International Business Times.

"And that actually makes me more careful to make me want to curate the stories that we tell with real care and real intention. Not to do it because there's a lot of hype and it might be successful and maybe it'll make us famous."

Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

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But, then again, Sarah also admits that it wouldn't be the first time she's been wrong about the show and her place on it.

"I've thought that the door for Prison Break has closed for me personally so many times," she said. "I'm not even going to think about whether or not it's open or closed now because I keep being wrong."

For those of you who can't remember, Callies' character Sara Tancredi has been practically written out of the show a couple of times, including following a drug overdose in season 1, an apparent beheading in season 3 and, of course, in the season 4 finale after the show ended its first run.

So when it comes to another return for the character, however the season 5 finale ends, it looks like Callies is willing to be a bit more cautious before agreeing to any more episodes.

"Coming back for more episodes would be kind of dependent on the way I came back to this which is: let's talk about the material, let's talk about the character, let's read a script," she said.

Photo credit: FOX
Photo credit: FOX

It's pretty safe to say at this point that any future for Prison Break beyond season 5 is very much up in the air, although Fox CEO Dana Walden recently confirmed it was definitely up for consideration.

Series star Wentworth Miller has also previously said that he feels there is more story to be told in the Prison Break world, but only if it's done right.

"There are a lot of different directions that we could go," he said, "but I'm not in favour of exploring any of that unless there's something awesome that we can sink our teeth into."

So, will we ever get new Prison Break? Let's just get through tonight's season finale first.

Prison Break currently airs on FOX in the UK and the US.

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