PS5 stock UK - live: Amazon restock could drop next week – what to know

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Where could the PS5 restock today?  (The Independent)
Where could the PS5 restock today? (The Independent)

UPDATE: The PS5 could drop at Amazon next week. Read on for more information.

The PS5 launched almost a whole year ago, in November 2020, but supply problems and a global semiconductor shortage have caused the production of Sony’s new game console to slow substantially. New stock is still quite difficult to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out almost instantly.

September was a mixed bag when it came to PS5 restocks, but was still much better than June and July. Although not a patch on the sunlit uplands of August, we still saw some consistent drops last month at Very, BT, EE, Argos, Amazon, Smyths Toys and Game. We had 10 drops to end the month of September. The question now is, how is October going? The news hasn’t looked great so far. This month, we’ve only seen online restocks from, BT, and ShopTo, with Game joining the gang on Tuesday last week, plus an in-store drop at Smyths Toys.

But don’t lose hope. This week, we’ve seen drops at Asda, Studio, John Lewis & Partners, Very, Littlewoods, Argos, Hamleys and Game, so it’s finally starting to pick up. If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on Playstation 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as providing details on rumoured releases, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

PS5 updates UK

  • What PS5 stock drops could we see today?

  • When was the last Very PS5 restock?

  • Could Scan PS5 consoles restock soon?

  • How does EE PS5 add to plan work?

  • When could Amazon PS5 stock drop?

We’re wrapping up for the week

16:56 , Alex Lee

All right folks, we’re closing up shop here on the PS5 blog for the weekend, but will be back here bright and early on Monday to help those of you still searching for the elusive console.

While we’ve had a pretty quiet day today, we’ve actually had an incredible week of restocks on the whole. We’ve seen everything from Asda, Studio, John Lewis & Partners to Very, Argos and Hamleys drop PS5 stock. Let’s just hope the final week of October will deliver more of the same.

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What PS5 stock drops could we see today?

08:15 , Alex Lee

Goooooooood morning PS5 hunters and happy Friday! After such a packed week of PS5 drops, you might be thinking to yourself – surely we can’t get any more?

In the world of PS5 restocks, we’ve learned never to say never. So this morning, we’ve got a very, very tentative eye on Smyths Toys. Stick around and we’ll bring you the live updates as they happen.

When was the last Very PS5 restock?

08:52 , Alex Lee

 (The Independent)
(The Independent)

Very last dropped the PS5 on Tuesday 19 October, so we aren’t expecting another restock from the retailer for a while now. It usually only has one or two drops per month, but the drops have been slowing down in pace since September. The drop on Tuesday lasted a whole three hours.

If you’re ever struggling to secure a console from Very, we’d recommend checking out sister website Littlewoods, who sells PS5s as well – albeit at a more expensive price point.

ShopTo could drop more PS5 stock this weekend

09:07 , Alex Lee

Unlike the majority of PS5 stockists, who prefer releasing batches of new consoles on a weekday, ShopTo tends to spread the PlayStation joy on a Saturday or a Sunday.

The retailer last dropped stock on Sunday 17 October at 3:25pm. It’s worth keeping an eye out for stock drops at ShopTo between the hours of 1pm and 4pm in the afternoon.

Could Scan PS5 consoles restock soon?

09:33 , Alex Lee

Scan last had a PS5 restock on 9 September, and it was one of the strangest drops we’ve ever seen. Unlike most retailers, who just update their PS5 product page with a nice little “Add to basket” button, customers who wanted a console had to contact Scan through the live chat system and ask for a PS5, as reported by @PS5StockAlertUK.

Scan doesn’t seem to get a huge amount of stock, so it’s hard to predict drops at the retailer. If you contact Scan’s customer services through the live chat system now, you’ll see the following message:


How does EE PS5 add to plan work?

09:53 , Alex Lee

EE last had a PS5 restock on 28 September. To get a PS5 from EE, you need to be in a 12-month or longer pay monthly contract. You’ll be able to buy the PS5 for £40 a month through the Add to Plan process. There are also bundles available for £45 or £50 a month, containing PS5 accessories.

The website doesn’t always work super well, so we’d recommend trying to check out using the app when stock goes live.

Register your interest if you’re an EE customer to find out when more stock is made available.

When was the last Currys PC World PS5 restock?

10:23 , Alex Lee

 (iStock/The Independent)
(iStock/The Independent)

Currys rarely ever sells the PS5 in its stores or online for everyone to buy, instead preferring to dish out the coveted console via its now-closed VIP pass draw system. Some PS5s are occasionally spotted on the shelves in some local stores, but you have to be extremely lucky.

The retailer last had an in-store drop on 25 August. Customers without a VIP code were able to go into one of 80 local Currys stores and pick up a PS5.

For those waiting for a VIP code – they were last sent out on 14 October, so don’t expect another batch of codes until next week at the earliest.

Want a Nintendo Switch OLED?

10:53 , Alex Lee

Fed up of trying to hunt down a PS5 but still want the glory of having a next-gen console? Look no further than the new Nintendo Switch – OLED model, which has a stunning 7in display and a much better kickstand. Read our Nintendo Switch OLED review for more of our thoughts.

We’ve spotted the new Nintendo Switch OLED in stock right now at Argos. For more Switch OLED restock updates, check out our guide below.

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When could Amazon PS5 stock drop?

11:23 , Alex Lee

 (The Independent)
(The Independent)

It used to be really easy to predict Amazon restocks, but since the retailer has seemingly experienced a stock shortage, that task has become a little trickier. It usually drops stock once every two weeks, but after dropping consoles once in August, it waiting a whole six weeks before restocking again.

We’re hopeful for another restock sometime next week. If one happens, expect it to take place on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Should you buy a PS5 from CeX?

12:13 , Alex Lee

Ah CeX, the butt of playground jokes and childhood second-hand game nostalgia. While we think fondly of CeX, we’d recommend not buying a PS5 from the retailer.

CeX is currently selling the PS5 for a whopping £720. The most expensive bundle at Game costs £686.94, and you don’t just get a PS5, but also an extra cosmic red dualsense controller, a PlayStation T-shirt and cap, a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and a pulse 3D wireless headset. It’s just not worth the money.

How long has it been since Tesco PS5 stock was last available?

13:03 , Alex Lee

 (The Independent)
(The Independent)

A VERY LONG TIME! Tesco last had a PS5 restock on 18 March at 3:45pm. Translation: It’s been 217 days, 21 hours and 18 minutes.

Even bigger translation: It’s been seven whole months and four excruciating days since Tesco last filled up its stores with new consoles. We think the supermarket chain has just given up at this point. That said, Xbox series X can sometimes be spotted in the wild in Tesco stores.

‘Far Cry 6’ PS5

13:53 , Alex Lee

‘Far Cry 6’ £54.99,


Set in a tropical paradise, you play as Dani Rojas, who is on a mission to take down the ruthless dictator in a bid to save his son. It’s as politically dicey as the previous Far Cry games made by Ubisoft. Sadly, with such high-end production values, we’re disappointed that the game doesn’t have ray tracing on the PS5 – only the PC version, but it’s still worth a look-in.

If you don’t know what ray tracing is, it’s a graphics rendering process that mimics the behaviour of light. The game was released on 7 October, after being pushed back from its slated February release date.

Managed to grab a PS5? Here are the games you need to own

Need an Xbox series X?

14:43 , Alex Lee

If you’re after more than just a PS5 this Friday afternoon, then you should head on over to our Xbox series X restock liveblog, where our friends running it have just spotted Xbox stock at AO and a select few Argos stores today.

Like us, they’re tracking console restocks all day every day, so if you want to be the first to know when there is more Xbox stock available, make sure to check their updates out.

On the hunt for an Xbox series X today? Here’s where to find one in stock

Among Us PS5 launch date revealed

15:33 , Alex Lee

 (Among Us)
(Among Us)

It’s about a year too late, but Among Us is finally coming to the PS5 and PS4. The social deduction game may have died down in popularity for most gamers since it last took off at the height of the second lockdown, but we’re still excited nonetheless

The game will launch on 14 December, just in time for those Christmas imposter antics. You’ll be able to download it from the PlayStation Store.

PS5 backwards compatibility

16:23 , Alex Lee

To all of those of you who have a stack of PS4 games in your house and are worried that the PS5 isn’t backwards compatible. Fret not, all your PS4 games will be playable on the next-gen machine.

If you’re a new gamer, but are struggling to get a PS5 and don’t have a PS4 yet, we’d recommend waiting until Black Friday to get the older console. We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday PS4 deals to expect when the big day rolls around. Expect a lot of PS4 games to be discounted during the sale.

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