Puppy love: Blind Golden Retriever is helped through life by his best doggie pal

When Jake the Golden Retriever lost his sight, his owners were worried about how he would cope.

But they hadn’t banked on the compassion of their other dog, another Golden Retriever called Addie, who has stepped up to look after him.

Four-year-old Jake and two-year-old Addie live with owners Kim, 49, and husband, Joe, 51, in Iowa.

Unfortunately, Jake had to have both his eyes removed 15 months ago because of severe infections he had from when he was a puppy.

Jake, left, is cared for by his pal Addie (Picture: Caters)

But since his eyes were removed, Addie has been by his side, helping him climb stairs and guiding him on walks.

The pair enjoy snuggling up in blankets and showing off their matching neckerchiefs.

“I was really worried about how Jake would cope without his eyes but thanks to Addie, he’s smiling again,” said Kim.

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“I put a bell on Addie’s collar so Jake would always know where she was and she’d often help him climb stairs so he didn’t fall.

“Addie wouldn’t stop licking Jake’s eyes when he came home from the vets, it’s like she knew he needed help.

Jake had his eyes removed when he was two years old (Picture: Caters)

“Since that day 15 months ago when Addie was still a puppy, they have always been together.

“We make sure we take them to open fields so Jake doesn’t run into things and if he wanders off too far, Addie will always go and bring him back.

“They are an adorable duo and we’re so lucky to have them both in our lives.”

Jake was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was four months old and started suffering from severe dry eyes.

He would rub his irritated eyes so much he was damaging his sight and needed regular operations on his corneas.

Party animals: Addie and Jake do everything together (Picture: Caters)

In the end, his only option was to have his eyes removed. He has been blind for two years.

Kim said: “We were heartbroken and no idea how Jake would cope with being blind.

“But thanks to other owners of disabled dogs online I realised that they usually coped quite well without their sight.

“Seeing the smile on Jake’s face now makes it so worthwhile, he’s helping to show people that despite it all, he’s still happy.

Addie, left, and Jake are best friends (Picture: Caters)

“Addie is a huge part of it too, she helps keep him safe around the home as he tends to follow her.

“He’s had a few bumps to the head since losing his sight but we try to avoid moving furniture so he gets used to where things are.

“We try not to treat him any differently to Addie but it’s very difficult to not give him extra cuddles, he’s such a special boy.

“We hope others can see that despite being blind, dogs can still have a wonderful life.”