'I queued for London's viral ice cream stall and instantly realised why there is so much hype'

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok lately, chances are you’ve stumbled upon London’s newest craze. Videos of queues to get the latest must-try mango ice cream from Hafiz Juice Corner have been filling feeds for days.

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, I made the executive decision and ventured out to Ilford in East London to get a taste of whether this trending treat, would live up to its hype. With TikTok’s claims of queues wrapped around the streets and waiting times pushing 30 minutes, I must admit I was sceptical about whether any ice cream would justify standing in the heat.

However, I would soon be proven wrong. With only a short 10-minute walk from Ilford Station, this hidden gem is nestled on the corner of the vibrant Ilford Lane. Adorned with a price tag that barely makes a dent in your pocket (£2? Yes, please!), Hafiz Juice Corner offers a selection of either their mango-flavoured ice cream, pistachio-flavoured ice cream, or a mixture of both.

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Meredith Duffy holding her mango ice cream from Hafiz Juice Corner
With the first bite, Meredith was welcomed by a symphony of tropical fruitiness from the mango and a smooth creamy texture of traditional ice cream -Credit:Meredith Duffy

As I approached the quaint little shop, my doubts were confirmed by a queue snaking its way along the pavement. However, driven by curiosity, I decided to join. I was eager to discover whether all these people were regulars to the business or like myself, were simply victims of TikTok’s influence.

The general consensus deemed the latter, and people had indeed travelled from all corners of the city to savour this viral sensation. I spoke to one returning customer in the queue who revealed: “I drove past last night, and it was still open and busy at 11 pm”.

With another admitting they were lining up in the hopes of treating themselves before the impending school run. Finally, it was my turn to get a taste of this viral dessert after being in the queue for 15 minutes. Behind the counter, a team of smiling scoopers greeted me, their hands a blur as they crafted each cone with a superb spiral of creamy goodness.

I wasted no time in ordering the star of the show, a heaping scoop of their mango ice cream in a perfectly crisp cone. With the first bite, I was welcomed by a symphony of tropical fruitiness from the mango and a smooth creamy texture of traditional ice cream.

Each mouthful was a revelation - smooth, rich and fruity without at all being overpowering. The texture was impeccable, striking a perfect balance between firmness and softness, ensuring it didn’t end up in a pool on the floor under the blazing sun.

As I savoured the last remnants of my cone, I was in full agreement with why this ice cream acquired so much attention on social media. But it wasn’t just the hype; it was the genuine pleasure of indulging in something crafted with care, and the chance to contribute to a local business.

You know what they say, ice cream cones make for great journalists because they always get the scoop, I certainly did!

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