Quiz! How much do you know about vegetarian food?

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Quiz! How much do you know about vegetarian food?

The number of people going meat-free is on the rise, and has been for some years.

Veganism is growing consistently in the UK, as is vegetarianism, as well as in countries across the world, for a whole range of reasons from environmental concerns to questions around farming and food production.

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, how much do you know about meat-free dishes and diets?

Can you identify which dishes count as vegetarian and which ones don't, and do you know some of the most famous vegetarian dishes from around the world?

Test your knowledge of all things vegetarian, from recipes and dishes to ingredients, with Yahoo UK's quiz on the subject.

We've put together 15 multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge.

Try it now to see how you do.

* Can’t get enough trivia action? Check out our dedicated Yahoo Quizzes page for more brainteasers! *


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