Race Across The World fans convinced they 'know' who will be eliminated

Two contestants are going to be packing their bags and leaving the competition

Race Across The World S4,10-04-2024,Generics,Eugenie, Isabel, Betty, James, Alife, Owen, Stephen, Viv, Brydie & Sharon,Studio Lambert Ltd,Pete Dadds
A Race Across The World team will be eliminated. (Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds/BBC)

One Race Across The World team will be eliminated from the BBC reality series next week – and fans think they’ve worked out who it will be.

The competition, which sees teams racing across the globe to win a £20,000 prize, returned this month and has seen the contestants tasked with travelling 15,000km from Japan to Lombok on around £1400.

One team is now facing the chop, and speculation has been rife about who it will be packing their bags and heading home.

Who may be eliminated from Race Across The World next week?

Right now two pairs are thought to be in danger – mother and daughter duos Sharon and Brydie and Eugenie and Isabel.

"Looking like the two picks I thought would win this might actually be the two pairs eliminated after leg 2,” one fan said on X. “One because they're 350KM BEHIND. And the other later as they're gonna run out of money to keep up..."

Sharon and Brydie are on a go slow

Race Across The World S4,10-04-2024,1,Brydie & Sharon,Studio Lambert,Screen Grab
Brydie and Sharon could be in danger. (Studio Lambert/BBC)

Sharon and Brydie aren’t safe as they are lagging behind the others in the race. The pair appear to be enjoying the experience but some viewers reckon they are putting more into enjoying their travels than getting anywhere fast.

As the last episode wrapped, they had failed to make the checkpoint and were busy picking chestnuts miles away.

“Would say Brydie and Sharon should be punted as they clearly have no interest in the race and are all about the free holiday, but they’re so far behind they’ll get sent home next week anyway…” one viewer said on X.

Another said: "Brydie and Sharon are my current favourites – they aren’t in this race at all, but it seems like they’re having a really enriching experience. Just really hoping they don’t get eliminated next week though."

“Bridie and Sharon clearly going home,” said another. “No screen time at all. Doomed."

"Not surprised there’s an elimination next week," said another. "The mother and daughter couple who are still on leg 2 will need their own extended two season travelogue to get through to the end. Production crew will run out of time and money."

Eugenie and Isabel

Race Across The World S4,17-04-2024,2,Eugenie & Isabel,Studio Lambert Ltd,Studio Lambert
Eugenie and Isabel have been burning through their money. (Studio Lambert/BBC)

At the other end of the spectrum, Eugenie and Isabel have been sharply focused on getting to the checkpoints. However, they’ve been burning through their money and had blown close to a third of their budget after the first leg.

As they whooshed towards the second checkpoint in Sokcho, they were seen hopping into a taxi, splashing funds other teams chose to save. It paid off in one way as they arrived first, and Eugenie said they were “elated”.

But Isabel admitted: ”I know our budget is going to hinder us going forwards. I think a lot of our time is going to spent making some money back.”

“It's good that Eugenie and Isabel are first again but they're plowing through the budget so quick it might not last the whole way,” one fan worried. Someone else predicted: “Eugenie and Isabel are gonna run out of money.”

“Eugenie and Isabel smashing it and the budget,” quipped another viewer.

Race Across The World S4,10-04-2024,Generics,Brydie, Sharon, Stephen, Viv, Eugenie, Isabel, Alfie, Owen, Betty & James,Studio Lambert,Pete Dadds
The contestants have to travel around 15,000km from Japan to Lombok. (Studio Lambert/BBC)

Viewers not happy about elimination

Some Race Across The World fans were upset to hear that anyone gets cut at all, saying they’d rather see everyone cross the finish line. One posted on X that they had “warmed to most to them”, adding: “Kind of don't need the elimination, could really just let them all race to the end.”

“I don't see why they need an elimination leg on #RaceAcrossTheWorld when at least one team is bound to run out of money,” remarked someone else.

Another chimed in: "No don't want last place mum & daughter to go home, really wish the BBC would stop ditching a pair part way through #raceacrosstheworld."

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