Race Across the World's James sobs as Betty shares health struggle

The brother and sister had an emotional chat about a life-changing health condition that moved viewers, too.

Race Across the World's James sobs. (BBC screengrab)
Race Across the World's James sobs. (BBC screengrab)

Race Across the World contestants Betty and James brought viewers to tears as they broke down over a heart-to-heart about Betty's life-changing health condition.

The BBC travel show contestant revealed that she had been born without a uterus and with just one kidney, breaking down in tears as she spoke about not being able to have children.

Her brother James also cried talking about his sister's bravery, before having to stop filming to ask a crew member for a hug.

Race Across the World offered another surprising and heartbreaking revelation about one of its contestants this week as Betty spoke about being unable to have children.

She revealed a health condition she was diagnosed with at 16 that means she has no uterus and just one kidney, explaining: "Shortly after my 16th birthday I got diagnosed with MRKH - it means I don't have a uterus, I don't have a womb, and I only have one kidney as well.

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Betty & James,Studio Lambert,Screen Grab
Race Across The World's Betty and James brought viewers to tears. (BBC)

"As a young woman you're told you're going to marry, you're going to have a family and from a young age when that's taken away from you it does put doubts in your mind about your purpose as a person."

She told James: "At 16 I felt something was taken away from me that I couldn't control. When you've been saying everything happens for a reason, I can't believe that because..."

The brother and sister hugged as they admitted it was the first time they had spoken to each other about it.

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Betty,Studio Lambert,Screen Grab
Betty talked about a life-changing health condition. (BBC)

One viewer commented on X: "Oh my god I’m sobbing! Betty and James." Someone else wrote: "That's incredibly brave of Betty to share that side of her life and her story. I'm in a bit of a mess now. Respect to James and Betty."

But James also moved viewers as he spoke about how proud he was of his sister's bravery, breaking down in tears and having to asking the crew: "Can someone just come and hug me please?"

One Betty and James fan commented: "Poor James! Even the person who's everyone's rock for everyone can break." Another person agreed: "Oh god, Betty crying and James asking for a hug has absolutely finished me off."

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Betty & James,Studio Lambert,Screen Grab
The brother and sister have grown closer on the show. (BBC)

Someone else wrote: "I'd never heard of MRKH syndrome, so thank you, Betty, for opening up. Also, James' "can someone just give me a hug please?" broke me, but I'm really glad he asked for it. Think this might be my favourite episode so far."

One viewer commented: "“Can someone give me a hug” I am WEEPING." Someone else added: "james asking for a hug from the crew crying my eyes out."

Another viewer said of James: "Very healthy attitude from him though - openly crying and asking for a hug. That's how you manage your mental health, rather than leaving everything bottled up."

Alfie and Owen might have finished in first place again but they were left shocked when they realised that the 24-hour lead they had started the leg with had been cut down to just 12 minutes.

Isabel and Eugenie managed to get to the checkpoint in Jakarta hot on their heels, with a stunned Alfie who had previously said he couldn't imagine anyone coming close to their lead saying: "12 minutes, what? I'm furious." Owen added: "I'm annoyed but I'm genuinely impressed, I don't know how they've done that. It's a two-horse race."

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Alfie,Studio Lambert,Studio Lambert
Alfie couldn't believe how much of their lead was lost. (BBC)

The pair had decided to use some of their substantial leftover budget to make up time this week, as well as using some sneaky tactics.

Eugenie managed to steal a taxi out from under Stephen and Viv's noses as she ushered daughter Isabel into the car while Stephen was trying to negotiate a price with the driver.

Race Across the World airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday.