What Race Across the World's James texted Betty after completing show

Race Across the World's James made Betty proud with realisation after competing show

Race Across the World's Betty
Race Across the World's Betty revealed text James sent her that made her proud. (BBC)

Race Across the World's James made his sister Betty incredibly proud with a heartwarming text after competing the BBC show together.

The siblings found Race Across the World tougher than they could prepare for. Sure, there was plenty of fun to be had along the way too but it was no secret that the journey at times can be tiring and hard work, with all the stars revealing the toughest moments of taking part.

Now as Race Across the World takes our screens by storm, Betty has revealed what James had text her after the race that left her beaming with pride as an older sister.

She told Yahoo: "I think one of my proudest moments actually was coming back from the race and getting a text from James saying, 'I think I might have lied. I actually think I might want to go travelling’.

"Because before he was like, 'I'm not going travelling. I'm not.' So that made me feel like, yeah, I'm proud of him for that."

Betty brought her experience with backpacking around the world to the race. She signed up to do the race with her brother because she wanted more adventures with travelling. Meanwhile, James was initially more interested in the competition side of the BBC show.

The brother was also proud of his sister following their shared experience. He said: "I think we look back and we say there was no one else we could see doing the race with, [we couldn't] put someone else in each other's shoes - whether it be a friend or older brother it was supposed to be. We've got those memories."

Race Across The World's Betty and James loved the experience.
Race Across The World's Betty and James loved the experience. (Studio Lambert)

Previously, the brother preferred drinking on holidays with friends. Race had a huge impact on the siblings and James changed his plan following the race.

He told said: "I've gained quite a lot from it. Obviously before, I didn't really do much travelling or anything like that. So I planned to go away travelling with my friends at the back end of the year.

"Actually changed that plan and I've now moved out of home. Before I was living with my parents and I moved out. So that's a new thing for me and I don't think I'd have done that without Race and going away. So that's quite a big step."

Race Across The World's Betty and James suffered more drama.
Race Across The World's Betty and James suffered more drama. (Studio Lambert)

Betty and James were nearly out of the race after the older sister lost her bag containing her passport. She broke down in tears as she said she felt she had let her brother down. Sweetly the brother and sister were a great support to each other.

It was their second passport drama after James was robbed of his bag earlier in the race but luckily he managed to get it back, although the money in it was stolen. At the time, Betty had been praised by viewers for forgiving her brother - showing they were a great team.

Race Across the World viewers have been fearing the teams will run out of money, especially Betty and James who are running low on money. The last time their budget flashed up on the screen was only 11 minutes into the episode where it revealed they had 18% left.

Since then, the siblings had picked up a job but also had to buy tickets for a train and an overnight bus direct to the checkpoint in Bukittinggi.

The passport drama certainly put Betty and James behind on timing. They had to wait a long time to find out whether Betty's bag would be recovered before finding out their luck had not run out and they could continue with the race.

However, viewers have to wait to Wednesday to find out where Betty and James will come in this leg. Only best friends Alfie and Owen reached the checkpoint at the end of episode six. The other two teams appear to be close to each other with Eugenie and Isabel crossing paths with Stephen and Viv at the bus station.