Race Across the World's Viv shocks viewers with 'jungle poo' moment

The BBC travel series contestant had a toilet situation after a night spent with basic bathroom conditions.

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Race Across The World's Stephen and Viv stunned viewers with their toilet chat. (BBC)

Race Across the World viewers were left shocked by contestant Viv telling all about her "jungle poo" – just hours after refusing to use the basic toilet at a homestay.

Viv and her husband Stephen had complained about the conditions at their accommodation in Sumatra, which included a hole-in-the-ground toilet that left Viv refusing to eat or drink so that she didn't have to use it.

But the next morning, she proudly told how she had been for an open-air call of nature during a day's work cinnamon farming.

Stephen and Viv were shocked by the conditions at a Sumatran homestay in this week's Race Across the World, which saw a cinnamon farmer and his family kindly put them up for the night.

But the husband and wife could barely hide their panic when they saw the bathroom situation, which featured a hole-in-the-ground toilet that Viv refused to use.

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Viv,Studio Lambert,Studio Lambert
Viv answered a call of nature in the jungle. (BBC)

So it came as a surprise when the next day, the pair joined the farmer in the jungle for a day's work where Viv was happy to go in the open air when she realised there was no toilet.

After asking about the bathroom facilities at the homestay, Viv said: "This is testing my comfort zone to its absolute limit. There's a bed with no pillow, and no toilet, it's just got a hole in the floor and a bucket of water.

"I'm not going to eat anything, I'm not going to drink anything, I'm just not going to go."

Viewers were shocked at the pair's attitude as one person commented on X: "7 episodes(?) in and still yet to have an episode where Stephen & Viv are not being entitled and ungrateful."

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Viv,Studio Lambert,Studio Lambert
Viv helped out with cinnamon farming. (BBC)

Someone else wrote: "I’m not sure there’s a queue of people waiting to stay with Stephen and Viv." Another person added: "Steven and Viv be grateful that people are opening their homes to you."

However, the next morning when the pair joined the cinnamon farmer for work, Viv's attitude to toilets appeared to have changed as she said: "I think I might need to go and visit a tree soon."

Stephen asked: "Do you want to ask where the toilet is then?" but she replied: "Well, there's not one, is there?"

Viv was shown heading off through the trees before returning and saying: "Well that was a first. First ever jungle poo." Stephen shouted out: "You did a jungle poo? Oh my god!"

She replied: "I know. I just had the urge. I just had a bit of a poo-reka moment. I thought if I go down there, they'll all see me. This bit down here is a bit slippy. But up there it was dry. It's not any more. What am I coming to?"

One viewer joked: "Viv is a changed woman." Someone else laughed: "Viv seemed so proud about having her first jungle poo."

Another person wrote: "Viv: "I've just had a jungle poo" And Stephen has just blurted this out to the entire world!"

Later as Stephen was talking about the farmer's basic living conditions, he said: "I couldn't do it," but looked flustered as Viv said: "But to some extent you were doing it when I first met you. You had a dunny outside in the shed."

The pair also proudly revealed that they have four toilets at home, which viewers found hilarious as one person commented: "4 toilet Stephen and viv - I just find it so funny." Someone else added: "Stephen and Viv have 4 toilets!"

Race Across the World offered another surprising and heartbreaking revelation about one of its contestants this week as Betty spoke about being unable to have children.

She revealed a health condition she was diagnosed with at 16 that means she has no uterus and just one kidney, explaining: "Shortly after my 16th birthday I got diagnosed with MRKH - it means I don't have a uterus, I don't have a womb, and I only have one kidney as well.

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Betty,Studio Lambert,Screen Grab
Betty opened up on a devastating health condition. (BBC)

"As a young woman you're told you're going to marry, you're going to have a family and from a young age when that's taken away from you it does put doubts in your mind about your purpose as a person."

She told James: "At 16 I felt something was taken away from me that I couldn't control. When you've been saying everything happens for a reason, I can't believe that because..."

The brother and sister hugged as they admitted it was the first time they had spoken to each other about it.

Race Across The World S4,22-05-2024,7,Betty & James,Studio Lambert,Screen Grab
James said he admired Betty's bravery. (BBC)

One viewer commented on X: "Oh my god I’m sobbing! Betty and James." Someone else wrote: "That's incredibly brave of Betty to share that side of her life and her story. I'm in a bit of a mess now. Respect to James and Betty."

But James also moved viewers as he spoke about how proud he was of his sister's bravery, breaking down in tears and having to asking the crew: "Can someone just come and hug me please?"

One Betty and James fan commented: "Poor James! Even the person who's everyone's rock for everyone can break." Another person agreed: "Oh god, Betty crying and James asking for a hug has absolutely finished me off."

Race Across the World airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday.