Rachel Riley says edited out 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown jokes would 'end careers'

(Credit: PA)
(Credit: PA)

Countdown’s Rachel Riley has spoken about the sort of jokes that have to be cut from the edgy spin-off show, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

The maths genius/Sky Sports football presenter, 32, suggested that if television audiences saw half the stuff that goes on during the filming of the show it wouldn’t go down too well.

Speaking to The Mirror, the star said that there are plenty of x-rated gags that simply have to be cut from the show before it airs.

‘Each show takes three hours to record and is cut down to 45 minutes. So the stuff on the edit floor can be even ­funnier,’ she teased.

(Credit: Channel 4)
(Credit: Channel 4)

But the chances of a really controversial or offensive gag actually making its way to TVs is unlikely to ever slip through the cracks, she insists. ‘The lawyers have to be ­involved to make sure some of it doesn’t go out, because it would end all of our careers.’

‘A lot of the stuff is ­ad-libbed and very funny, but they also put effort into preparing and making it look funny,’ she shared.

And, as she reveals, hanging out the panel and host Jimmy Carr is quite an adventure: ‘Jimmy throws a good party ­regularly. He’s a really good host. I wouldn’t name names but there are certainly people who’ve done all-nighters there and then gone to work the next day.’

‘I’m lucky that I haven’t often been working the next day, because you can end up at 4am in the hot tub – it has been known. A few hangover cures are definitely needed after that,’ she quips.

Speaking about her current relationship with Strictly Come Dancing partner Pasha Kovalev, since ending her 16-month marriage, the brainy presenter revealed: ‘People won’t be surprised that I do the ­banking and look after finances – saving money and all that stuff. He does the romance and I do the electricity bills.’

Rachel Riley and Pasha rehearse their waltz. (Credit: PA)
Rachel Riley and Pasha rehearse their waltz. (Credit: PA)

Catch 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown on Channel 4 and All4.

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