'Radical' woman wants to become Parliament's first sex worker MP

Rosie Morrell and her partner Marcus White aim to become MPs for South Dorset and West Dorset. Their party, Everyone is God,  describes itself as a “radical” new political party that aims to “completely restructure society from the ground up”.
-Credit: (Image: Everyone is God)

A woman aims to become the first sex worker to become a MP with her “radical” new party. Rosie Morrell is in the running to become the MP for South Dorset, while her partner Marcus White is standing for West Dorset.

The pair from Cerne Abbas represents the Everyone is God Party, a “radical” new political party that aims to “completely restructure society from the ground up” and policies “that solve every problem in British politics”. With a website detailing its policies and detailed explanations, sex is a core part of their policies, believe sex is the root of all psychology and can therefore solve every issue.

Rosie, a sex therapist who carries out work in person and online, said she joined her partner’s political party as she didn’t connect to any of the core values of other political parties. She wants to enter Parliament on her first day in a bikini and “raise eyebrows and get people talking”.

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She said: “When Marcus decided to start a political party, Everyone Is God, because it designated everything that we do. All the policies we basically live by.

“I grew up in poverty and now I feel empowered and strong enough to run for Parliament and stand up to hold a constituency. I'm really passionate about all of what we are about.

“I feel like I can raise a lot of issues, for example, the stigma around the sex industry, and also the issue around understated and undervalued jobs in our society. But also why status-driven jobs are given more value and all these things that a lot of people across Britain struggle with.”

Marcus, who describes himself as a polymath, graduated from Oxford University and later had some success in the commercial property industry. The couple have already hit the campaign trail in their respective constituencies but also spoke to people outside the headquarters of BBC and Channel 4.

He adds: ”The thing that's come up on the campaign trail most strongly and we don't want to criticise the other parties as we don't believe in it but the thing that's come up most strongly is lack of trust in the Government and belief that they're corrupt.

“We're a radical party that seeks to solve all problems at their root cause so we have a policy for this and it's a broad policy. We've got a policy of transparent banking and there's some very profound benefits of this policy.

“If we made Government bank accounts, MP’s bank accounts and party bank accounts publicly visible, this would basically completely solve the problem of trust in Government because any corruption would be immediately visible and a full audit trail of it. So people would not be able to say the Government's corrupt because you can prove that they're not.”

The pair say they will “have a good crack” at serving enough votes to retain their £500 deposit in their respective seats, but aim to start a conversation surrounding domestic and international policies. Many have highlighted the cost-of-living crisis, issues with housing and immigration.

Rosie added: “If you want change, vote for us because I tell you what, if we get those seats in Parliament, we are prepared to change the consciousness in that whole building and pipple it out to the whole society with our radical policies. “So if they want change, vote for us. It's not wasted by voting for us. It's a vote for change.”

Marcus added: “We'll say things in Parliament that need to be said to solve problems.”

The candidates running in South Dorset are:

  • Matt Bell (Liberal Democrats)

  • Catherine Bennett (Green)

  • Richard Drax (Conservative)

  • Lloyd Hatton (Labour)

  • Giovanna Lewis (Independent)

  • Rosie Frisby Morrell (Everyone is God)

  • Joy Heather Wilson (Independent)

  • Morgan Tara Young (Reform UK)

The candidates running in West Dorset are:

  • Oliver Marshall Amede Chisholm (Independent)

  • Kelvin Clayton (Green)

  • Chris Loder (Conservative)

  • Donna Lumsden (Labour)

  • Edward Morello (Liberal Democrats)

  • Marcus Daniel Terence White (Everyone is God)