How Rebekah Vardy is ‘reinventing herself’ and won’t watch the Disney+ series… but will she respond?

Rebekah Vardy has jetted off on a holiday abroad

Rebekah Vardy: Jehovah's Witnesses and Me (Channel 4)
Rebekah Vardy: Jehovah's Witnesses and Me (Channel 4)

Rebekah Vardy escaped the explosive Disney+ series with a holiday and seems unlikely to watch the Wagatha Christie docu-series but will she respond to Coleen Rooney’s latest comments?

PR expert and publicist Lynn Carratt at Press Box PR has lifted the lid on how Vardy is working hard to rebuild her reputation in the spotlight after being in the eye of the media storm, telling Yahoo News: "Vardy will likely avoid telling her side of the story again; she has spoken out already. She'll likely want to continue reinventing herself as a documentary presenter with some fashion brand deals thrown into the mix."

Rooney gave her final verdict on forgiveness and her surprising revelation that she felt pain for Vardy over the trolling as well as her crying court appearance in the Disney+ series.

Coleen Rooney attends a VIP screening of
Coleen Rooney has told the full story in her eyes (Getty)

In an extraordinary social media post, Wayne Rooney’s wife accused fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy's Instagram account of leaking fake stories about her to The Sun newspaper. It changed their lives forever.

Vardy has always denied the claims and sued Rooney for defamation but lost as Rooney's claims were found to be "substantially true".

We are now hearing the full story from Rooney’s point of view with pieces to camera and glimpses inside her home life - plus she also shared an honest insight into the Rooney's marriage struggles but how they have come out stronger as a result.

Wayne Rooney supports wife Coleen Rooney at court
Wayne Rooney stuck by his wife Coleen throughout the high-profile court case (Getty)

Will Rebekah Vardy respond?

Despite the excitement building around the series, the PR mastermind explained why it is unlikely Vardy will speak out following the latest drama.

"It is unlikely we will see a response from Rebekah Vardy to the Wagatha Christie Disney+ series after the publication of Coleen's Vogue interview in September," Ms Carratt said.

"She didn't comment; she just broke her social media silence with a selfie, posing with the sun beaming down behind her and attached a gif of a dancing woman in a red dress in the post on her Instagram Story.”

She added: "Rebekah Vardy has had to move on from this case to rebuild her reputation and career, which we have started to see with the documentary Rebekah Vardy: Jehovah's Witnesses and me."

 Rebekah Vardy, wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, leaves the Royal Courts of Justice
Vardy has begun rebuilding her image after the court case (Getty)

Where is Rebekah Vardy?

Instead, Vardy is on a beach in a tropical location on a half term holiday break with her children - her mind seemingly worlds away from the Wagatha Christie case that thrust her into the centre of the spotlight.

And The Press Box Pr said, "Who can blame her?"

She added: "When the 'Wagatha Christie libel case ended in favour of Coleen Rooney back in July 2022, tearful Rebekah Vardy spoke out publicly; her reputation was in tatters, she was trollied daily, and was receiving death threats.

Rebekah Vardy goes on mystery holiday before Coleen Rooney docu-series (Instagram)
Rebekah Vardy goes on mystery holiday before Coleen Rooney docu-series (Instagram)

"Let's also remember when Vardy was first accused on Instagram of leaking stories by Coleen Rooney, who was seven months pregnant. The enormous stress that would have caused her at the time must have been horrendous, whether she was guilty or not.

"The past four years will have been a stressful time for both Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney in different ways, and I'm certain Rebekah Vardy won't want to watch the documentary and be reminded of the ordeal, so who could blame her for going on a family holiday and taking herself out of the media spotlight."

What did Rebekah Vardy say?

The scandal rocked the showbiz world when Vardy was eight months pregnant with her youngest child, daughter Olivia.

Before deciding to face Rooney in court over the Wagatha Christie drama, the footballer's wife tried to get her side of the story out there with TV appearances.

In February 2020, the WAG broke down in tears on Loose Women as she detailed the trolling abuse she faced and she said the trolling led to her being hospitalised five times during her pregnancy.

Rebekah Vardy has given her first TV interview since the Wagatha Christie scandal. (ITV)
Rebekah Vardy has given her first TV interview since the Wagatha Christie scandal. (ITV)

Among the abuse on social media, she read out one of the messages on Loose Women which said: "You fat ugly rat. I genuinely hope you and your baby rot."

Crying, she added: "I think people don’t realise when they are saying stuff like that.”

Speaking about trolling, she told Loose Women: "If you don't try and highlight it, which I did… I went to the police and several arrests were made, you let them win and you can’t let them win.

"I think the more we highlight the fact that this is happening and this is really serious the more the chances are of doing something good about it."

Rooney addressed the trolling in her docu-series for the first time and she revealed how she felt for Vardy in that moment. "No one deserves that," she said.

Coleen rooney wears pink in disney+ series
Rooney addressed the trolling Vardy got (Disney+)

She said: "Those comments are disgusting. No one deserves that no matter what. People were saying to me, 'How can you do that to a pregnant woman?'"

She added: "I didn't put that post up to cause any harm, it’s because I’d found out who was leaking the private information and I wanted it to stop."

Legal implications

There really is only one question left around the series: could there be any legal implications now?

PR expert Ms Carratt explained: "While Vardy may want to turn her back on Wagatha Christie, it is believed she trademarked the term early this year, which sparked controversy at the time.

"By trademarking it, Vardy gained control over its commercial use, arguably infringing on freedom of expression and artistic creativity.

"However, Coleen's Disney+ documentary, The Real Wagatha Story, questions the legitimacy of Vardy's move to trademark the term, which could cause some legal implications."

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