Recipe for no-bake Weetabix peanut butter cups that are 'so good'

Bowl of Weetabix
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

People are always on the hunt for scrumptious new treats that are easy to whip up yet deliver a serious sugary hit. A culinary enthusiast, known as @kizactivelife on TikTok, shared her method for creating tempting "no bake Weetabix peanut butter cups", saying in the commentary that "calories don't count for this one".

The food lover showcased the delicious final product at the beginning of her brief 11-second video before visually guiding viewers through the straightforward preparation process.

After gathering all the ingredients, you simply chill the mixture in the fridge, and voila, it emerges looking akin to a Reece's cup.

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The clip has the approval of nearly 180,000 fans eager to sample the treat themselves. For those keen to try it for themselves, the essentials include six Weetabix, along with honey, peanut butter, and chocolate chips, reports the Mirror.

The recipe couldn't be easier: crush up the Weetabix, stir in the honey and peanut butter, spoon the blend into silicone moulds, drizzle with melted chocolate, and then freeze for an hour. Once they've set, she assures, "they are ready to enjoy", and recommends keeping them "stored in the fridge" to maintain their freshness.

In the comments section, one person commented about trying the recipe with Biscoff spread, noting its deliciousness and suitability as a nut-free option. Another said: "What can you use instead of chocolate to make them a healthy snack?" To which she suggested opting for "95% dark chocolate".

One dad said: "Made these with my daughter...we used digestive biscuits instead of Weetabix..unreal."

A fellow food lover on TikTok said: "Oiiiii they look GOOD."

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