Red, White & Royal Blue Doesn't Have A Second Book, But There's Bonus Content I Really Hope The Movie's Sequel Uses

 From left to right: Alex and Henry looking across a table at each other affectionately. .
From left to right: Alex and Henry looking across a table at each other affectionately. .

Just like how Henry and Alex fell in love quickly, viewers swiftly became head-over-heels for their love story in Red, White & Royal Blue. Not long after Matthew López’s book-to-screen adaptation starring Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine premiered in 2023, questions about a sequel started popping up. Now, it’s been confirmed that one of the best rom-coms in recent years is getting a second film! However, there isn’t a second book…So, what will it be based on? Well, there’s bonus content the book's author Casey McQuiston has written, and I really hope they use it for Red, White & Royal Blue 2. 

What Happens In The Bonus Content Of The Red, White & Royal Blue Book?

In the Collector’s Edition of Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue there’s a bonus chapter from Henry’s point of view. The entire book is told in third-person from Alex’s side of things, so this offers us a new peek into their lives.

The chapter also jumps forward about five years to the point in the couple’s relationship where they’re getting ready to move and get married.

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The chapter opens with Henry baking a quiche and his friends making fun of him. Then Alex comes in poking fun at his fiancé while also lovingly supporting him.

As the bonus chapter goes on, we learn about how meaningful the couple’s home is to them, why they’re moving, the headache of planning a wedding, and all the sweet and challenging moments they’ve shared in the first five years of their relationship. Seeing their relationship evolve and circle back to where the chapter started – them moving and getting married – is very satisfying and full circle, and I hope the sequel takes notes from this.

How I Hope This Story Is Implemented Into The Red, White & Royal Blue Sequel

One of the reasons why Red, White & Blue was met with lovely reactions was because of how faithful it was to the book. While there were obviously changes made for the RW&RB movie, the essence of the book was still there, and I still felt all the same lovely feelings watching Alex and Henry’s love story. So, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that the sequel was coming, and I realized there was bonus content they could pull from.

Obviously, Henry’s bonus chapter isn’t enough to base a whole movie around. However, I think it’s a great place to start, and generally speaking, I want the sequel to be about Alex and Henry planning their wedding.

Red, White & Royal Wedding…I mean, come on, the sequel basically titles itself.

In a sequel, I’m hoping we see moments from the bonus chapter, like them moving into their Park Slope brownstone, because it adds so much to the prince and first son’s story. Using those as little flashbacks to a bigger story about the two getting married would be heartwarming, and I know they’d handle the story with so much care.

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From left to right: Screenshots of Nicholas Galitzine in Red, White & Royal Blue as Prince Henry and another of him as Jeff in Bottoms.
From left to right: Screenshots of Nicholas Galitzine in Red, White & Royal Blue as Prince Henry and another of him as Jeff in Bottoms.

Bottoms And Red, White & Royal Blue Are Actually The Perfect Double Feature Thanks To Nicholas Galitzine

Overall, while there isn’t a second book, this bonus chapter offers a lot of insight into Alex and Henry’s lives after the events of the first story, and I want the established future they share to stay the same in the movie.

I want to see these two in a very stable relationship, and I desperately want to see Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine playing out these moments that help define Alex and Henry’s relationship leading into a wedding.

Well, only time will tell if this dream becomes a reality. However, considering the care the first movie had for its source material and the fact that Casey McQuiston served as an executive producer, I have all the faith in the world that this sequel will pay homage to the story we already have about Alex and Henry while also building an even richer story about their lives and love.

At the time of this writing, we have no idea when the sequel for Red, White & Royal Blue will come out. But, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. So, as we wait for more information on this exciting movie, you can go back and watch the first film with an Amazon Prime subscription, and then make sure to check out Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine’s other projects on the 2024 movie schedule.