Richard Bacon accused of trying to 'cancel family fun' with healthy Halloween mission

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Richard Bacon addresses Anti-Brexit campaigners at a rally after the People's Vote March for the Future in London, a march and rally in support of a second EU referendum.
Richard Bacon wants Halloween to change. (PA)

Richard Bacon has been accused of trying to “cancel family fun” after calling for Halloween sweets to be swapped for healthy treats.

The broadcaster has launched a ‘Sweets Aren’t Treats’ campaign, saying that trick or treating should be cancelled or at least changed so that treats are things like his "scary banana ghosts" and "satsuma pumpkins" instead of sugary snacks.

The star, who is based in the US, wrote on Twitter that he was “really passionate” about the campaign, writing: “I’m calling for the cancellation of (or least amendment of) Trick or Treating this year on health grounds in the UK. Something we’ve begun doing in California.”

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On the campaign website, the father-of-two cites concerns about childhood obesity and says “there is no nutritional value in trick or treating”.

“If we can break the association between sweets and treats, we can set our children on the path to a healthier life,” he said.

“At home in California, my own children and their friends have already adopted this new way of celebrating Halloween and love my spooky healthy snacks. 

"This year, I’m spending the night in my hometown of Mansfield and want to bring a slice of Californian healthy eating to local children.

“I am deeply concerned by the childhood obesity crisis in this country and want to do my bit to change children’s habits."

"It’s time to cancel Halloween candy and improve the health of our children," he added.

Plenty of people accused Bacon, 45, of being a bit of a killjoy.

Richard Bacon attends Blue Peter's Big Birthday, celebrating the show's 60th anniversary, at the BBC Philharmonic Studio at Media City UK, Salford.
Richard Bacon is on a mission to make trick or treating healthier. (PA)

One tweeted: “What?! My kids when they were little visited family and friends at Halloween. We all dressed up and went out as a family. We walked together to people we knew. They got a few treats. You want to cancel family fun?”

Another posted: "They been locked up for months on end and now can't have a bag of f****** Haribo. Read the room mate."

"Poppycock," said another. "The world needs to educate parents on diet. Ripping the joy out of child festivities isn't the answer."

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"Really? Like kids haven't had enough misery this past 18 months..." said another.

However, some thought Bacon's suggestion was interesting.

“Great idea!” tweeted one, while another said: “I think it’s awesome Richard.”

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