Richard Hammond reveals life-changing injury from horror crash

Richard Hammond may no longer stand at 5ft 5 inches tall after his recent car accident.

Richard Hammond and his wife Mindy on This Morning (REX)

The 47-year-old TV personality has, in fact, lost 7mm of bone in his leg after the incident which occured during filming for his TV series ‘The Grand Tour’.

Richard had been driving a Rimac Concept One electric super-car in Switzerland in June when he lost control of the vehicle on the Hemburg Hill Climb crashed the car – which can reach speeds of nearly 200mph.

Richard posted a cheerful video from his hospital bed. Copyright: [Drivetribe]

Luckily, he managed to free himself from the wreckage before the car burst into flames.

However after surgery to repair the joint in his knee, doctors told that he’d lost nearly a centimetre in length.

The car burst into flames.

“The knee is bad, I think when the car touched down nose first it drove my leg up into the knee joint and smashed the bottom of the knee here and I as a result I’ve lost 7mm in height. I can’t despair on that, I’m just going to be running in circles forever!

“They’ve put the bit back in the knee and I’ve got a metal plate in my knee, that’s my Swiss Army knee now as I have some pins in there too holding it all together. It really hurts.”

Richard is now banned from running for 12 to 18 months, and joked his wife Mindy is starting to grow weary of him being at home and not at work with his co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

Richard’s wife Mindy scolded the star.

In an interview on ‘This Morning’, he shared: “There’s no walking on the knee for a few months and I’ve been told there’s no running on that for about a year or 18 months. Which is bad because Mindy would often throw the running shoes at me and be like, ‘Get out!’

“I’m driving her mad; it’s the summer holidays too.”

Mindy added: “I’ve got two teenage girls and a nine-year-old man. When he goes back, I will tell him, ‘Don’t do it again.’ It’s like once every 10 years.”

James May and Jeremy Clarkson feared for their co-star’s life.

In 2006, Richard ended up in a coma after he was involved in a high-speed crash when he was behind the wheel of a dragster which he had been driving for an episode of BBC programme ‘Top Gear’.

He suffered some brain injuries which resulted in memory loss and depression, but he went on to make a full recovery.


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