Roaches were found in a McDonald's frappé machine. It's not the first time the chain has had this problem.

  • Roaches were found inside a McDonald's frappé machine in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • The location was temporarily closed.

  • Roaches are attracted to warm, dark places, which is why they sometimes inhabit coffeemakers.

Health inspectors found roaches inside a McDonald's frappé machine. 

Earlier this month, officials in Jacksonville, Florida temporarily shut down a McDonald's location at 5320 Norwood Avenue after the disturbing discovery, according to a report from the local TV station Action News Jax. Health inspectors found three live roaches and a roach egg sac inside the frappé machine, as well as five dead roaches around and inside the machine, according to an inspection report viewed by Insider.

There have been other reports of bugs in McDonald's coffee and its machines.

In 2022, health inspectors found live roaches behind a McCafe machine and by the cooler at a McDonald's in Indianapolis, according to CBS4 News, a local news station in the area.

And in 2017, a man in Thailand posted a photo of a cup of McDonald's coffee — sprinkled with cockroach legs — to Facebook, according to Mashable. McDonald's released an apology following the post.

Over the past few years, people have also posted to social media sites inlcuding X, formerly known as Twitter, and Reddit, stating they have found roaches in their McCafe beverages.

In a statement to Insider, Ryan Allman, the owner of the Jacksonville location said, "Operating a safe and clean restaurant is my top priority. Immediately after learning of this situation, we instituted more rigorous daily equipment checks and education for our crew to help make sure this does not happen again."

Roaches in coffee machines may not be so uncommon, according to Hawx Pest Control, a pest control company in Utah. Roaches tend to be attracted to warm, moist, dark places. This means the inside of a coffee machine may be the perfect environment for them. Nearby sugar or bits of food might attract the bugs into the machine.

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