Rob Reiner And Albert Brooks On Their Revealing Documentary: Surprising Stories On Kubrick, The Lost Johnny Carson Tapes, And The Iconic Movie Brooks Turned Down – Behind The Lens

When you get the opportunity to interview Rob Reiner and Albert Brooks together it is indeed a special occasion. And that is just what I got to do earlier this week when they joined me at our Deadline Studio for this episode of my Deadline video series, Behind The Lens. Reiner has directed and appears with Brooks in the ultimate documentary (Reiner’s first) on Brooks entitled Albert Brooks: Defending My Life which is available on HBO and MAX, and for fans of both it is a gem not to be missed. Our half hour conversation is not only hilarious in parts, but also eye-opening and full of some very surprising revelations. Check out a 2 minute preview where Brooks explains to me just how he and legendary director Stanley Kubrick became friends when Kubrick geeked out on Brooks’ film, Modern Romance. CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR THE PREVIEW AND THE VIDEO BELOW FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW.

Reiner explains the idea for the film was to do sort of a My Dinner With Andre-style conversation between the two lifelong friends who met at Beverly Hills High School in the 60’s, and that in turn gave Reiner the opportunity to generously pepper it with priceless clips and footage from Brooks’ famous comedy routines, all seven of the films he has directed, and many more in which he appeared including his Oscar nominated turn in Broadcast News, and his fine dramatic work in movies like Drive. Asked what film of Reiner’s is his favorite, Brooks’ answer will surprise you just like it did Reiner.

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And though they have never really worked together before, Reiner did offer him a leading role that Albert turned down. Find out which iconic movie might have been quite different had he accepted. We also talk about the changing nature of the business, what they think about streaming, and so much more including upcoming projects like Reiner’s sequel to his classic mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap which is now in post-production, as well as Brooks’ next film Ella McKay in which he co-stars for his Broadcast News director James L.Brooks.

To watch my full interview and to go ‘behind the lens’ with Rob Reiner and Albert Brooks just click the link below.

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