Robin Wright on her plan to change the lives of women with her socially conscious pyjamas

Chloe Street

You might know her best for her role as the all-powerful Claire Underwood in House of Cards, but Robin Wright is also on a mission to change the lives of women in conflict regions around the globe.

And she’s doing it with pyjamas.

Created with her friend, fashion designer Karen Fowler, in 2015, Pour Les Femmes is an elegant neutral-hued collection of nightdresses, pyjama sets, robes and maxi dresses, constructed largely from super soft cotton and silk.

Far from a money-making exercise, Pour Les Femmes is on a mission to help women from war-torn areas with 100 per cent of profits benefiting organisations that support women suffering from violence in the Congo; a country where women have been deliberately silenced, have little or no land rights and where it is reported that 2.5 million girls are out of school.

(Pour Les Femmes)

Pour Les Femmes works with a charitable organisation called Action Kivu that supports women, children, and communities of the Congo through vocational training and education. Action Kivu teaches women to sew so they can earn an income to send their children to school, to feed and clothe their children, and to save money for their future.

Through the support of Pour Les Femmes, Action Kivu has been able to purchase sewing kits for these women to receive on graduation day. After graduation, women have started their own businesses and earn income to support their families in eastern Congo.

They have also partnered with local organisations to build a one-of-a-kind primary and secondary school, called The Congo Peace School, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, a region that has been wracked by violence and insecurity for more than 20 years.

(Pour Les Femmes)

"Pour les Femmes is so much more than a women's sleepwear company - this is something I believe in because we help address the right of a woman to feel safe in her environment," said Wright. "The mission of this brand is to design sleepwear that symbolises the comfort and security which is our basic human right."

With prices ranging from £100 for a nightie to £400 for a set of full length cotton pyjamas, Pour Les Femmes pieces are not cheap. But frankly, when 100 per cent of profits are going to help women suffering from lives of violence and destitution, the prices seem incredibly reasonable.

In many ways, the brand tagline says it all: 'Change someone's life. You can do it in your sleep.'

Watch the video above to hear what happened when we met Wright and Fowler in London.

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