Romanian jailed for theft three days after arriving in UK

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Leonard-Valter Tudor was jailed three days after arriving in the UK (Nottinghamshire Police)

A Romanian man has been jailed for theft just three days after he first arrived in the UK - and he intends on staying after serving his sentence.

Leonard-Valter Tudor landed in the country on Friday last week and was arrested for attempted theft just hours later.

The 20-year-old lined a bag with foil in an attempt to avoid anti-theft barriers at a branch of TK Maxx in Nottingham on Saturday.

However, he was spotted by security and arrested before facing court on Monday - where he admitted theft of £508 worth of goods.

Prosecutor Sanjay Jerath said: “In interview, the defendant said he landed in the country the day before. He went to an address in Doncaster intending to find some work.

Tudor tried to avoid detectors at a TX Maxx in Nottingham (Flickr)

“He was approached by another Romanian man he doesn’t know. There was the suggestion of employment in Nottingham of taking items from a shop and accepts he was opening bags and taking items.

“He had a foil lined bag and takes full responsibility for his action.”

Tudor, who was helped by a Romanian interpreter in court, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for 16 weeks.

Neil O’Sullivan, mitigating, said Tudor became a father for the first time two weeks ago and travelled to stay with a friend in Doncaster so he could find work.

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Mr O’Sullivan said that Tudor intends on staying in the UK after he is released.

He added: “Simply the promise of money led him to commit these offences. As one can imagine, he had no income whatsoever as he only landed on Friday…

“This was an enterprise he entered into with some reluctance, it is fair to say. In some ways, it was borne out of necessity…

“He tells me the prospect of work is a genuine one and is aimed simply to provide for his family in future.”